Planning and zoning

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Planning and Zoning

To promote well-designed, livable, and prosperous communities, planners must combine strategic vision with practical approaches to today's development realities. They work closely with citizens and community leaders to build consensus on short and long range plans. Ensuring that new development projects reflect and adhere to those longer term plans is a key planning objective.



The market leader, Avolve Software has implemented ProjectDox in over 120 jurisdictions throughout North America. Our Best-in-Class workflows represent the consolidation and refinement of tens of thousands of customer interaction, design and development hours spent addressing customers' electronic plan review requirements.

Informed Decision-Making, Efficient Processes

ProjectDox's Best-in-Class Planning and Zoning workflow enables informed communication and decision-making among you and your stakeholders ? civic leaders, citizens, developers and owners / operators. Based on Avolve's work with over one hundred city and county building and planning departments, the Planning and Zoning workflow captures the industry's best practices for automating the collaboration, review and management of land planning and zoning documents of all types.

Avolve Software builds information and process bridges for built environment data, eliminating barriers among industries, agencies, departments and data silos.

Our solutions utilize administrative, document management, GIS and financial systems to enable collaboration on structured and unstructured content.

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What is a Best-in-Class ProjectDox Workflow?

Avolve offers pre-configured Best-in-Class workflows for Planning, Building, and Fire Safety that are straightforward to implement, making your organization more productive, more quickly.

Workflows Automate Business Processes

What comprises a business process? A business process is typically a sequence of interrelated activities completed by individuals or systems inside and even outside the organization. ProjectDox automates these activities and the information flow throughout the customer's business process. We call these `workflows' and they represent the heartbeat of the ProjectDox system. ProjectDox comes with an advanced set of tools ? eForms, project templates, a workflow designer, checklists, an advanced folder structure, and others ? that are pre-configured and comprise our Best-in-Class workflows.

Typical Planning and Zoning Activities Supported

? Land Planning ? review re-zonings, preliminary subdivision and site plans

? Development Applications ? ensure compliance with zoning codes and environmental quality standards

? Entitlements ? prior to issuing building permits, review and document zoning or environmental variances, general plan amendments, and site plans; review impact on historical districts; memorialize entitlements and variances

? Long Range Planning ? conduct special studies; administer open space and agriculture preservation; monitor historical preservation; assess bicycle, trails, and park plans

? Integrate to GIS ? View maps and plans from a single application; Overlay and compare GIS maps to site plans.

? Planning and Appeals Board ? schedule projects via Outlook; create, distribute, markup review documents; memorialize approvals and variances

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