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PARKINSON'S Boxing And Exercise Program Seeking National Affiliates

Kinesio-Arts Training Program? for persons living with Parkinson's Disease, developed by Tag Team For Life, L.L.C., (dba: F.I.R.S.T. Fitness Training) is now forging strategic alliances with national and international personal training centers.

Sept. 10, 2008 - PRLog -- As seen on Michael J. Fox Foundation Web Site, The Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, The Miami Herald, The Sun Sentinel, N.Y. Daily News, WPLG Channel 10, WFOR/My33, Northwest Parkinson's Foundation, and hundreds of web sites around the world.

Davie, Florida September 10, 2008 ? Tag Team For Life, L.L.C. of Davie, Florida, is currently certifying national and international personal training centers as affiliates in their Kinesio-Arts Training Program? for persons living with Parkinson's Disease. This is the only program of its kind developed specifically for persons living with Parkinson's Disease. For several months, this amazing exercise program has been gaining national and international attention throughout the media and world-wide-web.

This program was developed over a 14-year period and the results have been astounding. The Kinesio-Arts Training Program? is a very unique, intensive training program developed specifically for persons living with Parkinson's Disease. Using a series of non-conventional training methods, the goal of the Kinesio-Arts Program is to "shock" the participant's mind, body and muscles in such a manner, forcing them to incorporate all of their senses at once, to improve their strength, endurance, balance, flexibility, proprioception, and mobility over a short period of time. The program takes the participant away from their comfort zone and does not let up until he/she is very fatigued and unable to continue any further.

Based on an evaluation of the client's strengths and weaknesses, the program's intent is to increase the participant's dynamic activity to a very high level and give them little time for rest and recovery. Although the program is very safe and has never led to an injury, the participant is often instructed and guided through rigorous activities intended to deliberately frustrate them and challenge their balance and cognitive skills.

With a successful improvement rate of nearly 80% based upon the past 18 months client participation, the Kinesio-Arts Training Program? is now under consideration for endorsement by several national organizations and some of the country's top health care facilities, as a viable option for the Parkinsons's patient, as a stand alone program or adjunct to their current exercise or rehabilitation practices.

Over the past several months, the Kinesio-Arts Training Program? has been featured throughout national print and television media along with the world-wide-web. Tag Team For Life, L.L.C. is now seeking national and international affiliates to become certified in their Kinesio-Arts Training Program? for persons living with Parkinson Disease. Under the affiliate program, Tag Team For Life, L.L.C. will provide their copyrighted program and materials and will also be responsible for program instruction and certification, marketing, promotions, and monitoring progress within each affiliate's territory. This is a tremendous community development program, structured to help those individuals living with Parkinson's, and shall create an entirely new revenue stream for each affiliate.

About Tag Team For Life, L.L.C.

In 1994, when his father was diagnosed with Parkinson's, Craig Marks, the managing partner and the researcher and developer of this program, became concerned about the very conservative approach to rehabilitation his father's physicians prescribed. As a personal trainer, certified athletic trainer, certified

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strength and conditioning specialist, licensed physical therapist assistant and the owner of a very successful rehabilitation practice, Craig had significant knowledge in sport's medicine and the training of athletes. But, he had limited experience working with people living with Parkinson's and other neurological illnesses. What he did know was that his father was not improving with the traditional rehabilitation and exercises prescribed by his physician.

Craig took it upon himself to learn all he could about Parkinson's Disease and became involved with his father's rehabilitation program. Within three weeks, using very non-traditional training methods, which set the platform for the Kinesio-Arts Program as it is today, Craig, his family and his father's physician witnessed a marked and rapid improvement with his father's overall strength, endurance, balance and functional mobility. He then began using the same techniques on his own patients and witnessed similar successes. Over the past 14 years, Craig has continued to refine the program.

This release contains certain statements that may not be applicable to all persons living with Parkinson's Disease. Although, historically, the ratio of participants of The Kinesio-Arts Program who have achieved positive results has outweighed those who have not had success is much greater, this may not be an appropriate program for everyone diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. With the exception of historical information contained herein, the matters discussed in the press release involve, (as with any type of exercise program), some physical risk and uncertainties. Actual results could differ from those expressed in any forward-looking statement. Tag Team For Life, L.L.C. disclaims any intention or obligation to revise any forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future developments or otherwise.

Copyright? 2008 Tag Team For Life, LLC, All Rights Reserved. The Tag Team For Life logo and the KINESIO-ARTS TRAINING PROGRAM? are trademarked and copyrighted and owned by Tag Team For Life, LLC. Any use of the Tag Team For Life logo or the Kinesio-Arts Training Program name or materials are strictly prohibited.

For more information or to become an affiliated and certified Kinesio-Arts Training instructor or facility, please contact:

Steven Cohen, C.F.O. Telephone: 954-242-2611 E-mail: Steve@

Craig Marks Telephone: 954-707-9175 E-mail: Craig@

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