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Take Online Education to a New Level

Cisco WebEx Training Center: Education Product Overview

Cisco WebEx Training Center Highlights

? Create a compelling online learning experience with live high-definition video (up to 720p), integrated audio, and data sharing.

? Use the versatility of Cisco WebEx? Training Center to offer online lectures, vocational training, tutoring, and group projects.

? Stimulate learning and group collaboration through virtual breakout sessions.

? Evaluate class effectiveness with integrated testing, polling, and reports.

? Build a digital library of recorded lectures to support self-paced study.

"Not only can students now give presentations from anywhere in the world, but they can also work with other students, both on and off campus, in groups outside of class. Requests to use WebEx for class projects have gone up 250 percent because the students like the interactive dimension."

-- Dominic K. Lau, Director of IT and Operations, University of Southern California Distance Education Network

Online classes are an invaluable way to augment in-person classes and make continuing education more convenient for students. Cisco WebEx? Training Center can help you overcome the online instructional challenges of keeping students engaged during class and ensuring information retention afterward. Instructors can teach online more naturally by using high-definition video for faceto-face interaction. They can enjoy clear audio, video, and data sharing, and use breakout sessions to create collaborative and individualized learning experiences that improve material comprehension. Students can learn at their convenience through on-demand classes and take advantage of hands-on labs to support practical application training.

Evaluate Class Effectiveness and Student Proficiency with Assessment Tools Instructors can monitor individual and group attentiveness through a visual attention indicator, and measure class effectiveness and student proficiency with integrated testing, grading, and polling tools. Take full advantage of extensive reports -- including attendance, class attentiveness, and test results -- to refine curriculum. Cisco WebEx Training

Center integrates with leading learning management system (LMS) solutions and supports Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) standards to fit easily into any organization's existing educational systems.

Count on Cisco for a Highly Secure E-Learning Experience Cisco WebEx Training Center is a cloudbased solution delivered as a subscription service through the Cisco WebEx Cloud: a highly available and secure service platform with exceptional performance, flexibility, and availability. The Cisco WebEx Cloud offers ease of deployment to lower total cost of ownership, while helping ensure the highest level of enterprise security.

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Engage Students with These Powerful Features

Multimedia Sharing Instructors can share Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, documents, streaming videos, demonstration software, white boards, and Adobe Flash animations, and can pass sharing and annotation privileges to students to encourage participation.

High-Definition Video, Integrated Audio with Telephony, and Voice over IP Conferencing Cisco WebEx Training Center helps keep learners focused and interested with high-definition video of the presenter in the main session, or select full-screen mode to view the active speaker in the main video panel with up to six other participants' video displayed as thumbnails. The video experience includes Active Speaker, which switches the video automatically to focus on the current speaker. All participants also get clear and reliable audio through a telephone bridge or voice over IP (VoIP) and can join through callback or call in using a toll or toll-free number.

Breakout Sessions Instructors can assign participants to virtual breakout rooms for group projects and brainstorming, and then "drop into" breakout sessions to assess progress and facilitate discussion. Students can share presentations and documents, white boards, and applications within their breakout sessions.

Threaded Q&A Instructors can track questions and document responses using threaded Q&A. Panelists can prioritize questions, display answers publicly or privately, or assign the Q&A to a colleague.

Chat Attendees can engage in private or public chat conversations with the instructor, another attendee, or the entire class.

Polls, Attendee Feedback, and Attention Indicator Instructors can collect feedback with one or more polls during a session, and instantly tabulate poll results to share with the class. Students can also "raise their hands"; the system automatically

orders the requests so instructors can answer questions on a first-come basis. Instructors can gauge individual and overall group attentiveness at any point with a visual attention indicator.

Cisco WebEx Hands-On Lab The unique Hands-On Lab feature provides participants with highly secure access to remote PCs for hands-on application learning and practice. Lab sessions can be conducted during live training sessions or on demand.

Integrated Test Engine Instructors can measure class performance by testing students before, during, or after live training sessions, and deliver a variety of test types, including multiple-choice, true-or-false, fill-inthe-blank, and essay. Instructors can take advantage of automated grading, reporting, and SCORM compliance, and store and reuse tests for other sessions.

Record and Playback Instructors can capture and store session recordings for reuse and review using the integrated Network-Based Recording capability. They also can stream recordings within live sessions or post them for students to play back at their convenience. Recordings capture all aspects of the session, including audio, data, video, and annotations.

Registration and Reporting Instructors can simplify time-consuming administrative processes with selfscheduling, registration management, and attendance reporting. They can get extensive reports about attendance, recorded class views, class attentiveness, test results, and more. In addition, instructors can schedule and launch sessions with a single click directly from Microsoft Outlook.

Automated E-Commerce Instructors can monetize live or recorded instruction with self-service registration and payments, set prices for each class, and create coupons. Cisco WebEx Training Center is fully PCI compliant through an integration with PayPal and supports transactions in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada.

Mobile Support Enjoy a rich training experience with audio, video, and content sharing across Android, iPhone, and iPad devices. Cross-Platform Support Instructors can access Cisco WebEx Training Center from almost any environment, including Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Solaris operating systems. Languages currently supported include English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Spanish (Latin American and European), Russian, and Dutch on the Microsoft Windows platform. The Mac in-meeting experience is available only in English. For More Information For more information about Cisco WebEx Training Center please visit: conferencing/webex-training-center elearning-and-online-training.html

With Cisco WebEx Training Center, you can create stimulating, interactive training sessions using high-definition video, audio, multimedia sharing, and instant feedback tools.

Learn more about Cisco WebEx Training Center and other WebEx? solutions, all from Cisco. Speak with a solution specialist at 877-509-3239.

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