Professional standards vs writing it up

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October 15, 2016

Record of Discussion

You are approached by your supervisor for what is termed a "Record of Discussion." What exactly does that mean? A "Record of Discussion" or ROD is an account of a conversation that occurred between you and your supervisor on a particular issue. It is considered "non disciplinary" and stays permanently in your file. It only becomes problematic if the Flight Attendant continues to have occurrences mirroring what was discussed in the ROD.

Are You Registered to Vote?

Election day is fast approaching! Be sure you are registered to vote. The last day to register in California is Oct. 24th. Here's the link to sign up:

Professional Standards vs. "Writing It Up"

Professional Standards should always be our first contact whenever Flight Attendants find it difficult to work together. Quite often, someone may not realize he/she have come across as bossy or he/she may have issues at home. There are so many factors impacting why working with someone may not be pleasant. If you feel the need to address it and are not comfortable talking one on one, the Council 18 LEC Officers recommend that you speak to one of our highly trained EAP/Professional Standards Committee Members.

EAP/Professional Standards can help facilitate a conversation between the affected Flight Attendants. They can offer suggestions on dealing with each other. They can reach out to Flight Attendants and share the perceptions of their co-workers. All this is done in a safe and confidential environment.

Most importantly, it's handled without involving management. So often, when a Flight Attendant has an off day, it's probably due to special circumstances. If you were in their shoes, you would appreciate your co-worker giving you the benefit of the doubt and leaving management out of the equation. We urge you to do the same, Contact Professional Standards first! Call (949) 470-0493.

Hotel Crew Care

Did you know that our crew hotels are monetarily fined anytime Crew Care receives a hotel complaint which is out of compliance with our contractual requirements? It is why it is key to write up any and all hotel issues. In a recent meeting with API, Alaska's hotel vendor, it was revealed that they receive very few Flight Attendant write ups. When you have an issue you must report it or it will not be addressed. Here's the step by step way to register wth Crew Care.

Go to our Alaskasworld FA Homepage and click on the following tabs:

1. Hotel 2. Hotel Links 3. My Crew Care

If unable to log in, please send all details (pairing/date/hotel/room) to us at lax@ and we will make sure it gets reported.


Contact Information

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AFA Council 18 Los Angeles

Not Receiving our Emails?

Let us know!

Send an email to lax@ with your personal email address (alaskaair emails will not be accepted). In the subject write "Not Receiving AFA Emails."

Uniform Update

October 15, 2016

Remember the Uniform Survey we were encouraged to participate in months ago? Here are the highlights:

First of all, everyone is ready for a change, The top three considerations for a new uniform are fit, comfort and style. The top three objectives are function, professional and stylish.

Flight Attendants specified that our uniforms need to be functional for our job. Mainly we would like to have stain resistant material and pockets! Many Flight Attendants also expressed the desire to add their own personality

Alaska Airlines also consulted the Virgin America ITMs about their uniforms. They are very happy with their uniforms. So hopefully some lesson can be learned from their vendor! Their top three considerations are style, comfort then fit. While their top three objectives are function, comfort then distinctive.

So where are we at in this process? Designer Luly Yang has been in the design phase for the past three months based on marketing and feedback from employees. All fabrics must meet Alaska's safety standards. It was suggested by the committee that more natural fabrics be used. Samples should be ready by the end of the month, then those samples will be reviewed by marketing and the Uniform Committee.

Once all this is completed then comes the wear test. Our uniform committee members, Jill Maxfield and Heather Milner will keep us posted since we are all optimistically awaiting a uniform in which we can all feel polished and professional.

MEC Elections

The upcoming elections for the MEC President, Vice President and Secretary will be conducted at the MEC Meeting October 24-26.

You do not personally vote, but you have a say! Your LEC President, Tim Green will be voting on your behalf so let your opinions be known. We will be putting out more information on the candidates as it becomes available.


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