Questions to ask at your job shadow

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Questions to Ask at Your Job Shadow "Do Your Homework. It's Your Future"

Assemble a list of questions that will help you learn. Since a job shadow is a nonhand on experience, it is a good idea to ask questions to learn more about a specific career. Look through the list of questions below to get an idea of what things to ask or not ask. You may want to choose 8 10 questions to ask during your job shadow experience. The idea is to ask about those things that are important to you. You should come away from this experience with a good understanding of job.

Nature of the Work ? What are the specific duties and responsibilities? ? Describe a typical day/week? ? What are the toughest issues that you deal with? ? What part of this work do you find most rewarding?

Work Qualifications ? What kind of training, education, or course work is required? ? What skills or talents are most essential in this career? ? What personal qualities are important? ? What kinds of prior experiences are absolutely essential? ? How did you prepare yourself for this work?

Working Condition ? What type of setting, hours, atmosphere, etc. can be expected? ? What obligation does this type of work place upon you outside of the ordinary work week? ? How much flexibility do you have in terms of hours of work, dress, vacation, etc.?

Work Entry ? What types of employers hire people in this field? Where are they located? ? How do I find out about internships/job openings in this field?

Work Advancement ? What additional training or qualifications are necessary for advancement? ? What are some of the job possibilities for experienced workers in the field? ? Is turnover high in this field? ? Do people normally move to another facility/organization or do they move up in the


Employee Outlook ? How rapidly is the present career field is growing? ? If the work you do was suddenly eliminated, what different kinds of work do you feel you

could do?

Salary Questions ? Do not ask them for their salary! ? Ask general questions about their knowledge of average salary what the variance might be

for experience, employers, regions, industries.

Referral Questions ? Always Ask Them ? Based on our conversation today, what other resources would be helpful to I research? ? What are the professional associations in this field?

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