Questions to ask during a job shadow

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Questions to Ask During a Job Shadow

? How did you come to work in this field (or industry or position)? ? What career path did you take to get where you are? ? What are your duties and responsibilities? ? What is a typical day like for you? ? What do you see as the pros and cons of this type of work? ? What are the qualifications and educational requirements for this type of work? ? What factors would make one fail or succeed in this type of work? ? What is your supervisor's job title? ? How many people work in your department? What do they do? What are the opportunities for

advancement? ? How will your current position lead to future advancement? What are some things you would need to

do to continue to grow in your field? ? What is an entry-level salary range for this field? What is a typical industry salary range for

someone at your level? ? What challenges are currently faced by you (or your department of organization)? ? What are the current challenges faced by this industry? ? What do you see as the nature of the job market in this field? ? What potential is there within this field for self-employment, a home-based business, owning

my own business, part-time work? ? What kinds of experience would you suggest that someone pursue to make them more marketable

in this field? ? Do your ever utilize interns in this office? If so, what is the nature of the responsibility of the

interns? If you do use interns, are there current openings, or when might there be openings? ? Can you recommend any websites related to your field or industry? ? Can you recommend any area employment agencies, newspapers, etc. that post job openings for

your career field or industry? ? Can you recommend any professional journals, conferences/workshops, or professional

associations that relate to your line of work? ? Are there specific employer directories, industry leaders, or employer research guides I could

further explore for targeting potential networking contacts? ? Can you refer me to anyone else I might speak with to continue my research?

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