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APRIL 10-11, 2019, MEETING


1. Two-day meets. The committee modified the original recommendation to amend NCAA Bylaw which is Proposal No. 2018-108.

2. At-large consideration. The committee is proposing to allow wrestlers that are in a conference that does not receive automatic qualifiers to be eligible for championship consideration.

3. Warm-up partners. Allow institutions to take non competing warm-up partners to the championships.

4. Third-party video review. The committee is proposing that a third-party independent reviewer be used for video review during the national championships.


1. Legislative items.

a. Two-day meets and dual meets.

(1) Recommendation. To amend NCAA Bylaw to allow institutions to count not more than two two-day meets and not more than two occasions in which the dual meets are held over a three-day period each as a single date of competition.

(2) Effective date. 2019-20 academic year.

(3) Rationale. This change will reduce the number of trips required, allow teams to host more home dual matches, allow teams to travel to different regions of the country and compete against multiple teams in that area over a three-day period. It will also result in less missed class time, allow for flexibility with venue and broadcast windows, and assist with student-athlete well-being by allowing a day between competition.

(4) Estimated budget impact. The recommendation should reduce expenses for institutions.

(5) Student-athlete impact. The recommendation reduces the strain on student-athletes and provides more rest between competition dates.

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b. Player pass list tickets.

(1) Recommendation. To allow player guests to pick up tickets for the entire championship at one time.

(2) Effective date. 2020 championships.

(3) Rationale. This will provide operational efficiencies and eliminate the need for guests to stand in line for multiple sessions.

(4) Estimated budget impact. There will be a cost savings, due to reduction in staff and security necessary to manage the player pass list for each session.

(5) Student-athlete impact. None.

2. Nonlegislative items.

a. Selection and seeding criteria.

(1) Recommendation. That the minimum number of matches required for a wrestler to be eligible to earn a rating percentage index (RPI) be reduced from 17 to 15.

(2) Effective date. 2020 championships.

(3) Rationale. The recommendation will make it easier for wrestlers to receive an RPI. Seventeen matches can be difficult for Ivy League teams and other programs that compete in more dual meets to accumulate.

(4) Estimated budget impact. None.

(5) Student-athlete impact. More wrestlers will be able to receive an RPI and earn points in this selection criteria category.

b. Selection, seeding and committee procedures.

(1) Recommendation. That the coaches ranking panel be increased from one to two coaches per weight class per conference.

(2) Effective date. 2019-20 season.

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(3) Rationale. Adding a coach per weight class and conference will provide supplementary perspective to assist in the selection process. The practice of throwing out the high and low rankings will be continued, and the rankings will be made public to other coaches through the Optimal Performance Calculator, which will increase the accountability and integrity of the process.

(4) Estimated budget impact. None.

(5) Student-athlete impact. None.

c. At-large consideration.

(1) Recommendation. That wrestlers not in a conference that conducts a qualifying tournament be considered for at-large selection if they meet the established standards in two or more of the secondary selection criteria.

(2) Effective date. 2019-20 season.

(3) Rationale. The recommendation will provide access to the championships for wrestlers who are not in a conference with a qualifying tournament.

(4) Estimated budget impact. None.

(5) Student-athlete impact. None.

d. Warm-up partners.

(1) Recommendation. To allow up to two warm-up partners per institution or up to two support staff members at the championships. (Teams must determine which to designate and use, but only two total will be permitted.)

(2) Effective date. 2019-20 season.

(3) Rationale. The recommendation provides teams the opportunity to decide how they want to use the additional two spots that are allowed. This also addresses a health and safety concern that coaches have expressed, as wrestlers would have partners closer to their respective weight classes to warm up with. Coaches would no longer be the only warm-up partners.

(4) Estimated budget impact. Teams would still be required to purchase credentials for the warm-up partners or support staff members.

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(5) Student-athlete impact. Student-athletes would have a similar experience at the championships that they have during the regular season.

e. Third-party video review.

(1) Recommendation. That a third-party video review system be used at the national championships. An independent reviewer, without consultation from the working referees, will review the call and make the final decision.

(2) Effective date. 2020 championships.

(3) Rationale. The current rule allows for an independent reviewer and is being used in several qualifying tournaments. The recommendation provides an unbiased reviewer removed from the action to issue a ruling. The infrastructure and technology are in place and can be managed at the national championships.

(4) Estimated budget impact. $10,000 for equipment and staffing, which is available in current budget, so no additional funding is necessary.

(5) Student-athlete impact. Student-athletes will benefit from more accurate rulings during the championships.


1. Schedule of events. The committee reviewed the schedule of events and made the following adjustments:

? Open doors to the public 90 minutes before each session.

? Weigh-ins will take place two hours prior to competition each day.

? Adjust the practice times on Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

2. Primary and secondary criteria. The committee agreed to eliminate Gold, Silver and Bronze as identifiers for wrestlers who meet or exceed threshold levels and simply state that wrestlers who meet or exceed threshold levels for two of the three measures will earn a pre-allocated spot for their respective conference tournament. Wrestlers who meet or exceed two or more of the established criteria shall be considered for at-large selection.

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3. Competition order. The committee agreed that to keep fans engaged during session two, the 10 pig-tail matches will be contested first, followed by splitting the consolation and championship round matches among four mats to run simultaneously. This format change also will limit the number of conflicts with coaches having multiple wrestlers competing at the same times in the championship rounds.

4. Pac-12 request. The committee discussed the request from the Pac-12 Conference for a waiver to grant the Pac-12 automatic qualifiers for the 2020 championship. The two-year grace period for AQ status with five conference teams has lapsed. The Pac-12 CEO's are meeting in May to discuss the conferences affiliate member policy. The committee postponed AQ recommendations until June.

Committee Chair: Karen Langston, California State University, Bakersfield, Pac-12 Conference Staff Liaison: Anthony Holman, Championships and Alliances

NCAA Division I Wrestling Committee April 10-11, 2019, Meeting

Attendees: Rob Hjerling, The Citadel, Southern Conference. Karen Langston, California State University, Bakersfield, Pac-12 Conference. Andy Noel, Cornell University, Eastern Intercollegiate Wrestling Association. Brian Smith, University of Missouri, Columbia, Mid-American Conference. Phillip Wille, University of Wyoming, Big 12 Conference. Absentees: Tom Ryan, The Ohio State University, Big Ten Conference. Guests in Attendance: Jim Fallis, National Wrestling Coaches Association. Pat Tocci, National Wrestling Coaches Association. NCAA Staff Support in Attendance: Anthony Holman, Championships and Alliances. Jessica Jones, Championships and Alliances. Other NCAA Staff Members in Attendance: Matt Holmes, Championships and Alliances.


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