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Issue 32

March/April 2017

2017 SFVJACC Queen Jordyn Adachi

Jordyn Adachi has been selected as the SFVJACC Queen for 2017. She is 22 years and recently graduated from California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks with a BS in Biological Sciences. She plans to attend graduate school for Physical Therapy. As a teen-ager, she played basketball for the SF Rockers. Jordyn will be attending the SFV JACC Memorial Service on Sunday, May 28. Later that evening, she will be introduced to our Community Center members.

Congratulations to Jordyn!

Save The Date!

Family Day

Saturday June 10, 2017

Flyer and Reservation Form on Page 16.

With heavy hearts, we announce the passing of our SFVJACC President,

Paul Jonokuchi

Mr. Jonokuchi has been a devoted president of our Center for more than seven terms and will be sorely missed.

He was an active member and officer of the SFV Meiji Club, SFV JACL, Suzume no Gakkou Summer Camp, Line Dance Class, Kokusei Shigin group and Hiroshima Kenjin Kai of Southern California. He was a staunch member of the SFV Hongwanji Buddhist Temple and a Dharma teacher for more than forty years. His love for Japan was expressed while teaching at Wakaba and the SFV Japanese Language Institute. We will remember his warm smile and deeply appreciate his desire to bring the CC picnic back for families to enjoy. Our deepest condolences to his family and many friends.

Family Day Is Returning To The Community Center This Year

Family Day will be held at the Community Center this year. After having the Family Day at Orcas Park the past two years, the Board of Directors decided to bring this event back to the Community Center to be held in conjunction with our Raffle Fundraiser. Family Day will be held on Saturday, June 10, 2017.

You will be receiving a Family Day Packet along with raffle tickets in the mail. For only $5.00for adults and $3.00 for kids (5-10 years) you can enjoy a lunch of hamburger, hot dog, chili and rice, coleslaw, corn and chips. There will also be an ice cream cart for your sweet tooth. Don't forget to send in your order forms along with your raffle tickets and money to the Community Center. Top raffle prizes will be $500.00 (1st prize), $300.00 (2nd prize), and $200.00 (3rd prize) plus with other raffle prizes.

SF Athletics will be having games for all the children and there will be bingo games held in the hall for the adults. Don't forget to mark this date on your calendar and join family and friends for a day of fun at the Community Center.

Save the Date! - June 10

Come Join The Fun!


To promote the Japanese culture and preserve the Japanese American experience through education,

events and activities for our community.

A Partnership that Serves the Japanese Community

It was over 15 year ago that Harold Muraoka had a dream to build a

place to serve the Japanese community. A place where residents would

enjoy living and family and friends would enjoy visiting.

This dream was centered on two very important goals for the

project: 1) to provide a place where our seniors can live out their days with

excellent care, and; 2) to provide services to the Japanese community at

large through the San Fernando Valley Japanese American Community

Center (SFVJACC). Over the years, these goals have remained unchanged

and continue to be the reason why Nikkei Senior Gardens (NSG) exists


The partnership that NSG shares with SFVJACC benefits both

organizations. NSG has been able to share a portion of their excess cash

from its operations each year with SFVJACC so they can meet their goal of

NSG President Kirk Sasaki (L) and NSG

improving and expanding on its services to its members. The past two years

Chairman of the Board Stan Date (R)

SFVJACC was able to do a lot of long overdue projects that were put on

presented CC Vice President Danny

hold to improve the facility.

Okazaki with the revenue sharing check.

Let us not forget that it was the membership of SFVJACC who

generously provided financial assistance laying the groundwork to realize

the dream of NSG. This is what a partnership is all about - two organizations committed to serving our community.

Meiji Senior Club Upcoming Events

Save the date: May 12, 2017 (Friday)

Save thTeimdaet:e1:2M:0a0y-121:,3200P1M7 (Friday) Topic: CaTliifm. Tee: 1le2p:0ho0n-e1A:3c0cePsMs Program

TTohpeiCc:alCifoarlnifia. TeelleepphhooneneAcAccescsePssrogPrraomgraomffers

a range of FREE, specialized phones that make it easTiehretoCahleifaorr,nidaiaTl,ealenpdhocnaell. ATchceeyssalPsorohgaravme phooffneerss athartanagree doefsFigRnEedE,fosrpiencdiiavliidzueadlspwhohnoehsatvheatremstarikcetedit emaosbieilrityto, shpeeaer,cdhiailm, apnadirmcaelnl.tsT,hoery awlhsoo haarevebplihnodneosr tdheaatf.are designed for individuals who have restricted moAbilirteyp, respseenetcahtiviempwaililrmbeenatts,SFoVr JwAhCoC awreithbslianmd poler that are available.

A representative will be at SFVJACC with sample

phones that are available.

"Meiji Club cordially invites you to attend the Cultural Lecture Series presented by the Japanese American Cultural & Community Center (JACCC) during the Hot Meals on Tuesdays, June 6th, 13th and 20th. They will be doing demonstrations on Tea Ceremony, Calligraphy and Ikebana."

Diabetes-Self Management Program (DSMP)

DSMP is based on Chronic Disease Self-Management Program developed at Stanford University. It is designed to help people with diabetes manage their conditions and live a happier, healthier life.

The program addresses:

Nutrition/Healthy Eating Monitoring diabetes and Blood Sugar Problem-Solving Preventing Complications Difficult Emotions

Positive thinking Foot Care Communication Dealing with health care provides

The class meets 2 and 1/2 hours per week for 6 weeks. Class size is 12-15 participants. Those who have diabetes or care for their loved one with diabetes are encouraged to attend. Anyone interested in this class should contact Liz Doomey at lizdoomey@ or call me at 818-429-4096.



For the Months of January & February 2017


SFV Meiji Senior Club Year-end donation

Harry Nakada Todd Uramoto

Year-end charity contribution SFV JACL

Year-end donation Dr. Shig Sumida

In honor of Harry Nakada Chuck Itagaki

Matching donation Tara Chiu

In memory of her father Hal Chiu Kathryn Frye

In honor of her father Dr. Bo Sakaguchi David Sumida Paul Jonokuchi

From the sale of mother's (Emiko Kunimasa) donated Japanese/handmade vases FIA Insurance Services, Inc. Holiday donation Roy Ito Dr. Bo and Iku Sakaguchi In honor of Patty Takeyama's 70th birthday Yoshiko Monji In honor of Haruyo Suenaka's 95th birthday Toshi Saito Joanne Ikuta Daniels In memory of Joe and Lily Ikuta John and Liz Doomey In memory of Grace Oda Anderson

Use of Facilities

Tuna Canyon Detention Station SFV Judo Club Fujima Seiyumi - Dianne Fukuwa Ping Pong Club Wednesday Nite Basketball SFV JACL Tuesday Exercise Class Ikenobo Ikebana - Ritsuko Shinbashi Aloha Club Senior Arts & Crafts Friday Exercise Class Yonsei 23 Hitomi's Cooking Class Hula Wahines Tai Chi Class SF Lakers NJ Nakamura Clarae Muraoka


Coffee donation Copier donation Ballroom Dance Class...... I pkg.(160 ct) 8 oz coffee cups Shuzo Hamada ...................................... Japanese books Bob Kaku..............Donated 3 books (he & his wife wrote)

and raffled them off at Hot Meal Lily Kumagai.............................One set of Mah Jong tiles Luc Lac........................................ 8 Reams of copy paper Yaeko Mochizuki .................................... 2 (3 lbs.) Coffee

Continued in next column.

Miscellanous - continued Lois Okui .......................................... 1 (3 lb) Decaf coffee Curly and Florence Sato...................... 1 (2 lbs.) Coffee &

1 (1 lb.) decaf coffee Ritsuko Shinbashi.................................... 1 (2 lbs.) Coffee

DONATIONS TO HOT MEALS For the Months of January & February 2017

Anonymous ...................... Monetary donation Liz Doomey ...................... Pkg. of 100 teabags Roy Imazu ........................ Daikon Kim Chee for 2 lunches Paul Jonokuchi ................. Birthday Cake Marilyn Kishi ..................... Cake & candies for the volunteers Marilyn Kishi & ................. Fresh fruit salad for the volunteers Marian Murphy H. & Shigeko Muraoka ..... Monetary donation Harry Nakada ................... Monetary donation Andrea & Howard Neftin .. Monetary donation In memory of

Grace Oda Anderson Sachi Sakamoto ............... Lemons Robert & Setsuko Sato..... Monetary donation Phil & Marion Shigekuni ... Cake Lorraine Shimizu .............. Valentine candies for the volunteers Dr. Bill Takeshita .............. Monetary donation Yone Takimoto ................. Takuan Michiko Tokunaga Kus ..... 5 Pkgs. Vermicelli & croissants Cherry Uyeda ................... Monetary donation In memory of

Grace Oda Anderson

Thank you so much for your generous donations!



The SFVJACC is proud to nominate Irene Sumida for Woman of the Year (sponsored by Downtown Los Angeles Japanese American Citizens League and Japanese Women's Society of Southern California). She has been instrumental in the success of Nikkei Senior Garden (NSG) as former president and former president of Oya Koko Foundation, a fundraising group. She is the Executive Director of the Fenton Charter Public Schools. Tickets for the luncheon are available at $45 per person at the Quiet Canon in Montebello by April 15. Date of the event is May 7, 2017. For a reservation form, contact the CC office (818) 899-1989. Deadline: April 22.


SF Athletics Pancake Breakfast

On behalf of the Samurais, Flash and Jaguars, I would like to thank everyone for coming out and doing a great job at our Annual Pancake Breakfast 2017.

We are currently over $15,000 in ticket sales and donations. Great job by all!!

We want to thank everyone for working hard and making this a success. Pancakes and sausages were good!

Thank you to the coordinating teams for reaching out for donations to all the various vendors. Donation acknowledgements below.

All the donations helped lower our out of pocket costs. We hope to continue our relationship with all the sponsors and donators for future donations to our Athletics program.

Again, THANK YOU, for all your hard work and making this a successful SF Athletics Fundraiser for our kids.

Dana Chow (Samurais), Susie Lew (Flash), and Laura Fujita (Jaguars)

Thank You To The Following For Their Generous Donations -

Albertsons - 30 Gallons of Orange Juice Blue Sky Industries Challenge Butter - Reduced Rate Delicious Bakery - Gift Card Farmer Johns - Reduced Rate Gavina - Coffee & 1,000 Cups Rose Higashida - syrup Ichiban Kan Krusteaz - Will Get Rebate Goro & Beverly Kurihara Mc Donald's - Syrup & Butter Take out


Nakano Family Samurais - Water & Syrup Smart & Final Vons - Reseda & Nordhoff Vons - Devonshire & Mason Yue Family

Thank You For Supporting Our Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser!


Girl Scout Troop 1466 Celebrates Girl's Day (Hinamatsuri) & Participates in World Thinking Day

By Akiko Manaka In celebration of Girl's Day (Hinamatsuri), the girls learned to make Gomoku sushi. They displayed the traditional Girl's Day

dolls and learned the importance of this festivity. In addition to celebrating Hinamatsuri in March, the girls participated in World Thinking Day. Each year in February or March,

the girls participate in activities and projects with global themes to honor their sister Girl Guides and Girl Scouts in other countries. It is an opportunity for the girls to learn about other cultures. This year our troop hosted the event at the Community Center. Each troop in our unit selected a country that they want to learn about. Our troop selected Japan. The girls had to set up a table top display and they focused on the different holidays and celebrations that they learned about during the course of the year. In addition, they had to make "swap" items that they had to exchange with the other girls. Our girls won 2 awards: Best "Swap" and Best Board Display. Congratulations to Troop 1466!!

By Nancy Oda The San Fernando Valley JACL hosted the screening of feature

film, "Under the Blood Red Sun." to a record crowd of 145 on March 12 in Dr. Sanbo Sakaguchi Hall. It is a great story based on a book written by Graham Salisbury with its historical setting in Oahu.

On December 7, 1941, men from the Japanese embassy, priests, Japanese Language teachers, and others were taken away to Sand Island on Honolulu or one of sixteen other jails on different islands. The film gripped the audience when innocents were wrongly arrested, shot, and harshly treated by military police. Thus, actor-director, Chris Tashima, portrayed the innocent fisherman who was forcibly taken from his father, wife, and children because his character did not have the American flag on his boat. He related that he realized the strength of the women and children left behind. Many people have asked what happened to Japanese, German, or Italian aliens in Hawaii after Pearl Harbor although it was not yet a state. There was a heavy presence of the armed forces there at that time which made the premeditated roundup easy. The arrests were less than the west coast because of its potential economic harm since the islands were 40% Japanese. The typical Nikkei audience sits silently but there were several questions from teachers like Wendy Hirota who were interested in seeking lesson plans. Chris Tashima explained that the film was first seen online since the younger generation is into handheld technology. Then, Stan Rivera raised his hand to tell Kalama that he knew Kalama's grandpa who was a Native Hawaiian Entertainment legend, E.K. Fernandez and Rose Nearing from Vaudeville and High Wire Act. Young Kalama Epstein played Billy who was the best friend of character, Tomi Nakaji, 13, read the book in the third grade. As a Jew, he knew a lot about the history of the holocaust and learned a lot about the Japanese in Hawaii as a cast member. Kiyo Fukumoto was touched by the humanity of the video. Most history books do not write about women and children. Red Sun was an emotional and eye opening episode. Much like the Tuna Canyon Detention Station, no one knew where they were or where they were going since the world was in chaos.Tuna Canyon held "enemy aliens" when it opened as an Immigration and Naturalization Service camp run by the Department of Justice. Kanji Sahara's posters described the sequence of events and provided details about Hawaiian martial law and subsequent rise of the 100th Infantry Battalion and 442 infantry regimental that proved the loyalty and courage of the Japanese although their parents were in one of the ten concentration camps on the mainland. Carolyn Sanwo from Heritage Books offered author Graham Salisbury's titles and related DVDs for sale. http:// Thank you to John and Liz Doomey, Nancy and Yas Gohata, Nancy Hayata, Sean Iwaoka Ellen and Harold Kameya, Doreen Kawamoto, Al and Mitzi Kushida, Isabel Miyata, Aaron Sanwo, Marion Shigekuni, Geri Shiraki, Patty Takayama, Linda Tanaka, and Sumi Yamaguchi for selling ticket sales, hospitality and/or desserts. Special thank you to Nancy Takayama for her valuable technology expertise. Best to JK Yamamoto, journalist from the Rafu Shimpo, our community newspaper.


Veterans Memorial Day Service

Please join the members of the SFVJACC for the Memorial Day Service to be held in honor of the deceased veterans of the San Fernando Valley.

The service will be held on Sunday, May 28, 2017. As in the past, all CC organizations, families of deceased veterans listed on the Memorial, all veterans and the community are invited to observe this event.

SFV community members are asked to submit names of deceased veterans so that their names may be inscribed on the memorials located in the Kiyoshi Muranaga Veterans Memorial Garden. Qualifications include: Service in any branch of the armed services, served at any time in war or peace and any family member must be a resident of the San Fernando Valley. Please call Lois Okui at (818) 899-1989 or email loisokui@. Organizations are asked to give the name of the individual representing the organization. Families of the deceased are asked to call and let us know if they will be attending the services.

Sunday, May 28, 2017 5:00 PM

12953 Branford Street, Pacoima, CA 91331 - In the Courtyard.

Following the service, a light dinner will be served in the Dr. Sanbo Sakaguchi Memorial Hall. For veteran information and confirmation: Lois Okui (818) 899-1989 or email loisokui@ For donations and remembrances, please make donation payable to SFVJACC-Veterans Fund.

2017 San Fernando Pee Wee Basketball Clinic

Saturdays (July 8, 15, 22, 29)

Registration 10:00 a.m. Clinic 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

SFV Japanese American Community Center

12953 Branford Street, Pacoima, CA 91331

Clinic Director: Curtis Takimoto

1993-2007 SFVJACC Athletics - Terminators 2003 Frosh, 2004 JV, 2005-2007 Varsity Basketball - Chatsworth HS 2005-2011 - Counselor Pierce Brahma Basketball Camp (Ages 8-12)

2007-2012 UCI Intramural Basketball 2012-present NAU Basketball

2016 JV Basketball Coach Beckman HS, Irvine C.O.R.E Basketball League Director - Corona Del Mar

2016 Yonsei Boys' Assistant Coach 2016 -2017 JV Basketball Assistant Coach South Pasadena HS

$45 (includes Coaching by SF Coaching Staff, Jersey and Basketball!) Register Today! (There's space for only 20 boys and girls! First come, first served!) For Boys and Girls, 4 through 7, ready to learn the basics & meet new friends!

4 Saturdays of fun! (8-year-olds who have never played before also welcome)

To register or for more information, call Margaret (818) 701-7628 or email: JNCMOM@ Deadline for forms and payment-- May 31, 2017.


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