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Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar, White House Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett Read to Students

Who likes to read?


You like to read? Good, good.

Please join me in introducing today’s guests; the man who is responsible for protecting America’s National Parks and Lands, Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar, the woman who gives president and--President and Mrs. Obama advice on other important decisions, White House Senior Advisor, Valerie Jarrett. And the man who is responsible for making our schools, the very best, Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan.

Thank you.

Good afternoon, guys, how are you doing?


You’re ready to hear some books?


Are you hot?


Secretary Salazar is in charge for the Interior, to make sure our parks are beautiful and we have nice places to go. And Valerie Jarrett works in the White House and you can ask what it’s like to work in the White House. Her job is to help the president make good decisions.

“Our Earth” is a wonderful book. I might to read you a few pages from it, okay? It is a big round globe. It has a frozen North Pole. You see that frozen North Pole and see the penguins? How many of you have been to the North Pole? How about you? How many of you want to go to the North Pole? I want to go. You want to go? We’re all going to go in a week; I hope all of us will get to go to the North Pole someday, okay? Islands are smaller pieces of land that rise up out of the sea.

There are some islands of coral reef that grow and grow until it pokes above the water and birds bring seeds to that. In Australia, I lived in Australia for four years, there’s the Great Barrier Reef with beautiful, beautiful corals. Our big round earth is very beautiful, it is my home and yours. The end. So, you guys like that one?

So the book that I'm going to read with you guys is called “America Is”. What country do we live in?


America, you’ve got that right. Okay. So, the first page says, America is our country, it’s a place we call home. We are the nation whose name means freedom to people all over the world. What’s this the picture of, anybody knows? Shout it out for me.


America is a flag of the stars and stripes. Fifty stars for the 50 states we have now, 13 stripes for the 13 states that began our nation. And this is a picture of the American flag, right? Anybody recognized it? It’s the song we sing, hands over our hearts, okay. Oh, say can you see by the dawn's early light. Once so proudly we hail...Come on you guys. At the twilight's last gleaming? And the home of the brave. Yehey. I’ve always wanted to be able to sing that with a microphone, that made my day.

We also have books for everybody take home--who would like to take home a book today? We got some great books for them. Thanks for being here, you guys.

Bye, bye everybody.

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You know, these young kids are here at the Department of Education today reading, are doing the most important thing that they could be doing because if you can read, you can do anything. You have to read and you can become the president of the United States, an astronaut, a doctor, or a lawyer. And you essentially open up the keys to the kingdom of opportunity for yourself with the first results. I guess I get really excited with the young people like this excited about reading.

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