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Session Descriptions – Florida User Conference – 2017Business Suite:New Features for Business:? Come see what’s new in Skyward Business Management suite! This session will introduce you to the new features and functions in SMS 2.0.HR Data Mining:? If you can see a field in Profile, Assignments, Credits, Degrees, or Certifications, you can pull that field into a report.? See how to use fields, ranges and sorts to create a report and look at how to use Views and Filters on a screen. Fast Track:? FastTrack integrates your hiring process with the Skyward Software. This session will show you how to use the Web to post openings at your district and allow applicants to apply onlineVendor Tips and Tricks:? We will provide our tips and tricks for making the best use of your Vendor Profile.? Bring your tips and tricks to share, too!Business Suite Roundtable: This Roundtable discussion is for users who work in either Finance or Human Resources. Bring your questions to this session to give and get feedback.? The goal is peer discussion moderated by a Skyward representative.Business Suite State Reporting:ACA - Affordable Care Act: This session will overview the features within the Skyward software that can be utilized to be compliant with the Affordable Care Act.Staff Email Address Processing: This session will overview the steps to the ‘Staff Email Address Processing’ for reporting to the FLDOE.Cash Receipts, Imports, and Reporting: This session will overview the processes of entering Cash Receipts, Importing Detail Lines and Reporting.Survey 3 Processing: This session will overview the steps to processing the ‘Survey 3’ for reporting to the FLDOEPerformance Pay Processing: This session will overview the steps to processing the Performance Pay for the current year and future years.Student Management Suite:Gradebook: This session will review tips and tricks to use when dealing with Gradebook. We will talk briefly about frequent questions to help teachers with their day to day functions and talk about a few new features within the Gradebook. The main focus will be on Administrative Support of the Teachers Gradebook. We will cover topics such as approving Grade Change Requests, the Posting Utility, and Teacher Monitoring. Attendance Letters: We will cover how to setup and manage attendance letters. We will also talk about the different ways to distribute these letters to the parents. Family Access: This session will review tips and tricks on how to use Family Access. We will show features that will allow you to use Family Access to the best of its ability. Security:This session will cover tips & tricks in using security. We will co through Security Groups, Users, and a few utilities that are useful in saving time.Stu Management Tips & Tricks:This session will cover many Tips & Tricks of the Student Management System. Time saving shortcuts and utilities will be provided and presented.Student Management Roundtable:This session is meant for attendees to bring topics for discussion. The intent is to get a discussion going of all attendees to find out how other districts are handling the issue, process, etc. New/Key Features:This will session will focus on New & Key enhancements made to the Student Management system over the past few releases.Future Scheduling Elementary/Secondary Presentation:This session will be presented by Marion County & Seminole County staff. This session will be in presentation form, and go over various processes used in both Seminole & Marion Counties.Future Scheduling Information and Best Practice Roundtable:This session will be presented by Marion County & Seminole County staff. This session will be more of a Question & Answer/Roundtable style format. Bring your questions to this session, and discuss the processes you use with other scheduling experts.Health Records:This session will provide an overview of the areas available in the Health Records module, with a focus on FL specifics. Also learn about different ways health information can pushed out to administrative staff and teachers.Student Management Suite – State ReportingVerification Processing (Survey’s): This session will go over some of the verification tools available in Skyward for Survey Reporting.EOC (Pre-ID’s, Test Scores): This session will go through Pre-ID data extraction including template options and setup areas.FASTER: This session will cover recent FASTER updates and walk through FASTER transcript processing in Skyward.Special Ed – ESE: This session will go through common setup and data extraction questions regarding ESE records.State Reporting Processing: This session will go through the PK-12 Survey State Reporting process from start to finish, along with recommended practices and data correction tips.

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