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Office: 803-536-7064 Fax: 803-536-8112

Dr. Frederick M.G. Evans, Dean College of Graduate & Professional Studies

803-536-7133 or 804-536-7097 Email:

Mrs. Vernell W. Wolfe, Office of the Dean 803-536-7133

Email: Mr. Curtis J. Foskey, Graduate Services

803-536-8419 803-536-7064 Email:

Important Websites South Carolina State University: Graduate School: Graduate Catalog: Please save your completed application and email it to Thank you for your interest in South Carolina State University.

Graduate School Application Revised: June 17, 2020


Master of Arts Degree

1. Rehabilitation Counseling ? Curriculum

2. Speech Pathology & Audiology

Master of Arts in Teaching Degree

1. Early Childhood Education 2. Elementary Education 3. English Education 4. General Science/Biology 5. Mathematics

Master of Business Administration

1. Entrepreneurship 2. Healthcare Management 3. General MBA

Elementary Education 1. Basic Elementary

Education 2. Early Childhood

Education 3. Reading Education 4. Physical Education

Master of Education Degree Secondary Education

1. Business Education 2. English Education 3. General

Science/Biology 4. Industrial

Education 5. Mathematics

Education 6. Physical Education 7. Social Studies


Counselor Education 1. Elementary

Guidance Counselor 2. Secondary

Guidance Counselor

Master of Science Degree

1. Nutritional Sciences ? Nutritional Health Care ? Food & Nutrition

2. Transportation ? Modal Systems ? Business ? Transportation Planning ? Intelligent Transportation Systems

Educational Specialist Degree

1. Educational Administration ? Principal and Superintendent Certification

Doctor of Education Degree 1. Educational Administration

Two Certificate Programs

Human Development Consultant Certificate

Environmental Monitoring & Restoration Certificate

The College of Graduate & Professional Studies

South Carolina State University

Box 7098 ? 300 College Street, NE

Orangeburg, SC 29117-0001

Office: 803-536-7064

Fax: 803-536-8812

Instructions for Completing the Application for Graduate Admission

Please observe the following application deadlines:

Fall Semester ? June 15th

Spring Semester ? November 1st

Summer Term ? April 1st

Application and application fee are valine for one year only. Applicants who do not enroll within one year after acceptance to Graduate School or who do not complete the application process within a one-year period will be required to file a new application, which will include submission of the application fee and new credentials.


A. Application & Application Fee. Complete the enclosed Application for Graduate Admission and submit it with the $25.00 nonrefundable fee. (Form Enclosed).

B. Transcripts. Provide an official copy of your baccalaureate transcript showing degree earned and official copy of ALL graduate credit transcripts. These must be MAILED from the transcript office, of the institution where earned, to the above address. (Caution: Be sure that any name chance since your graduation is reflected on both the transcript and this application.) Admission is now allowed without official transcripts. (Form Enclosed, duplicate as many as needed.)

C. Enrollment Objective(s) and Current Resume. Provide a detailed explanation (150-300 words) giving your degree of enrollment objective(s) and providing any information which you consider pertinent to your academic or research potential. Be sure that your name and Social Security Number are on all attached sheets. (Form Enclosed)

D. Proof of Residency Questionnaire and Supporting Documents. (Form Enclosed)

E. English Proficiency Examination (EPE) Score. Master's Degree Applicants ONLY. A copy of your graduate EPE report showing a passing score. If you have not satisfied this requirement nor taken the EPE at the undergraduate level, complete and return the top portion of the enclosed form. NOTE: Read the instructions to see if you may exempt this examination.

F. Standardized Test Score Report. Provide official standardized test score report. The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) General Test score is preferred. However, the Miller Analogies Test (MAT) may be substituted for all degree programs EXCEPT the M.S. & M.B.A. degrees in Agribusiness, Entrepreneurship & General MBA (GMAT required) and the M.S. degree in Transportation (GRE General Test only).

G. Teaching Certificate. Ed.D, Ed.S., & M.Ed. degree applicants (excluding Counselor Education) must submit a copy of their teaching (educator) certificate.

H. Recommendation Forms. M.A. and M.S. degree applicants are required to have two recommendation forms submitted. M.A.T., M.B.A., M.Ed., Ed.S, and Ed.D. applicants are required to have three recommendation forms submitted. It is preferred that you request former professors to serve as recommenders. (Forms Enclosed).

Additional Requirements for International Applicants. See enclosed sheet: "International Student Admission."

South Carolina State University offers equal opportunity in employment, admissions, and educational activities in compliance with Title IX and other civil rights laws. South Carolina State University, in compliance with Sections 504 and 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, affirms its policy as an institution that does not discriminate against any qualified handicapped person on the basis of handicap in any of its program of activities.

Mail To: Graduate Admissions, South Carolina State University, Box 7098 ? 300 College Street, NE ? Orangeburg, SC 29117-0001

South Carolina State University


A $25.00 nonrefundable application fee MUST accompany this application. PLEASE PRINT OR TYPE.

I plan to enter in the: FALL: August (Year)__________ SPRING: January (Year)_________ SUMMER: May (Year)__________

Degree Seeking: _____M.A. _____M.A.T. _____M.B.A. _____M.Ed. _____M.S. _____Ed.S. _____Ed.D

Degree Program:______________________________________________________________________________________________

_____ Temporary Non-Degree (One Semester Only). Allows additional time to complete the application process for full admission. This option is not available for Financial Aid.

**If you are not seeking a degree at this time, but wish to enroll, please request a Nondegree Only Application according to your enrollment objective: (a) Certificate Renewal/Add-on Certification, (b) Transient, (c) Graduate Certificate, or (d) Personal/Professional Development.






_________________________ Social Security #


Street/P.O. Box




_________________________ Home Telephone

_________ Resident State

_________________________ Resident County

____________________ Citizenship-Country/Visa

__________________________ _________________________

Country of Birth

Work Telephone

Email Address:__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Date of Birth: _________________________________

Sex: _____ Male

_____ Female

Marital Status: _____Single




If you require special accommodations, please note what type:_____________________________________________________________________________

The following information is required by the U.S. Department of Education in compliance with Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Please check the appropriate category:

_____Black(Non-Hispanic) _____White (Non-Hispanic)

_____American Indian/Alaskan

_____Asian/Pacific Islander


_____International (Non-Resident Alien) _____Other:_______________________________________

EDUCATIONAL DATA Check the test(s) taken, date taken, and score. Please have your official score results sent to Graduate Admissions at the address above.






Date Taken:__________ Scores V_____Q_____A_____

Date Taken:__________ Raw Score___________

Date Taken:__________ Score_______________

Date Taken:_________ Area_______________ Score______________

Date Taken:_______ Paper Score_________ Computer Score______

Name, City & State of all colleges and universities attended.




Month/Yr. Month/Yr. Earned


Final Cumulative GPA

I hereby certify that the information given by me in this application is true. I understand that all required documentation must be received by the Graduate Admissions Counselor before the indicated deadlines and that it is my responsibility to ensure timely receipt. I also understand that it is my sole responsibility to read, understand and comply with the Graduate Catalog of South Carolina State University. I recognize that authority to register for graduate credit requires a letter of admissions signed by the Dean of the College of Graduate & Professional Studies.

Signature of Applicant:__________________________________________________________________________


PRINT NAME:_______________________________________

SOCIAL SECURITY #:_______________________



GRADUATE SCHOOL ENROLLMENT OBJECTICE(S) A personal statement of your background and goals that includes the degree and program of study you wish to pursue (300

words or less). Also, enclose a copy of your resume.

Type or use black ink. (Include name and social security number on each page of your enrollment objective.)

South Carolina State University COLLEGE OF GRADUATE & PROFESSIONAL STUDIES Box 7098 ? 300 College Street, NE ? Orangeburg, SC 29117-0001


Section I. Applicant. Please complete this section before giving this form and an addressed, stamped envelope to your recommender. Be sure that you have allowed at least 4 weeks prior to the application deadline and that your recommender is aware of this deadline. Please type or print in BLACK INK.

Name ___________________________________________________________________SSN______________________________

Degree Sought _-________________________

Proposed Subject-Matter Area_-_______________________________________

I do I do not waive my right to read this confidential recommendation.

_____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________

Applicant's Signature


Section II. Recommender. Because of federal legislation giving students access to educational records, South Carolina State University cannot assure the confidentiality of your statement unless the applicant has waived his/her right as noted above. Your willingness to serve as a reference is appreciated.

A. Please provide your candid assessment of the applicant's potential to purse full-time graduate study and research in the subjectmattered specified, continuing your remarks on the reverse side or another sheet, if needed.

B. How long have you known the applicant? __________________ In what relationship?_________________________________

C. Please rank the applicant by placing an "X" in the appropriate spaces:

Top 5% Preparation in chosen area Receptivity to new ideas Ability to think creatively Ability to work well with others Written communication skills Oral communication skills Ability to work independently Demonstrated research skills

Top 10%

Top 25%

Bottom Unable to



I recommend the Applicant:

_____ With Enthusiasm _____ Without Reservations _____ With Reservations ( ) Not at all

Signature ___________________________________________________________ Date:_______________________________

Printed Name ________________________________________________ Title___________________________________________

Employer ___________________________________________________________________________________________________

Address ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ If an addressed envelope has not been provided, please mail to Graduate Admissions at the above address. Thank you.

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