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Health Alternative Assessment

Choose an essay from each area that your classwork grade is low and complete the essay in your own words thoroughly. Make sure you have evidence to support your answers from what you have learned in class. Use my blog as a resource.

Submit them to my email bisomhealth@. Each prompt will be applied to a classwork grade not to exceed half of the points a notebook grade is.


Write an essay describing what your life will be like in ten years. Include an explanation of how practicing abstinence will help you achieve your goals.

Write an essay analyzing the positive and negative effects of peer pressure. Explain why it is important to learn how to evaluate and respond to peer pressure.

What is one of the most powerful influences in our world? How can peer pressure be used for positive aspects? How can peer pressure be detrimental?


Write a personal essay about your family. Describe how you interact, and discuss how family members contribute to each other’s total health.

Identify 10 characteristics that you believe are necessary for a physically, socially, and mentally/emotionally healthy family. Rank them 1 to 10 with 1 being the most important. Take your top 5 characteristics and give support/evidence as to their impact on a family.

What makes families different from other groups? What are some ways that your family helps you? Explain the difference between healthy and dysfunctional how each impacts children’s emotional, social, and physical development.


Write an editorial for a newspaper that encourages people to quit using tobacco products and explain the long term effects of tobacco use on the body.

Write a Public Service Announcement script that advises other teens of the dangers of drinking alcohol. Include the short term and long term health risks and what to do if someone starts showing signs of addiction.

Research the different types of designer drugs, the forms they take, and how they affect your health. Use what you have learned to design a webpage that warns about the dangers of drug use.

Which kind of drug is the most misused or abused most often? How can you say no when offered drugs? What are some reasons for remaining drug free?


Explain the causes and consequences of teen health risk behaviors that could result in STD infection, and describe prevention strategies.

Describe the cause and effect relationship between the reasons many STDs go unreported and undiagnosed and the current STD epidemic in the United States.

Human Growth and Development

Choose a particular male reproductive system disorder/problem. Research the problem identifying the cause, symptoms and treatments as well as methods by which the occurrence of the problem could be reduced. Organize a power point presentation that will help teens become more informed on how to prevent problems related to the male reproductive system.

How is the diet of a pregnant female important to her growing fetus? Write a short essay from the point of view of the fetus persuading its mother to eat healthy foods during pregnancy.

Self Esteem/Mental/Emotional

Imagine a teen whose suggestions are ignored during a group project. With unhealthy self-esteem, how would this teen respond? With healthy self-esteem, how would this teen respond?

Write an essay describing a situation that was emotional for you. Tell how you managed your emotions in a healthful way.

Name one positive characteristics that can be developed when you learn to recognize and express emotions in healthful ways. Discuss how acquiring this characteristic might affect your relationships.

What causes you stress? How does your body respond to stress? How do you manage stress in your life?

What big decision have you had to make and how did you come up with that decision? What help did you have to make the decision? Are there any easy decisions? Name one.

Media Influences:

In what ways do the modern media influence your life?


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