Spanish 1 final exam answers

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Spanish 1 Final Exam ANSWERS

Part of the Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool Each of the 25 sentences is worth 4 points. Take off one point, up to 4 in each sentence, for any mistakes. The test is worth 100 points.

Translate into English.

1. Thomas is wearing a swimsuit, sandals and sun glasses. 2. What's the weather like in the winter? 3. They have to arrive on time. 4. I am going to the movies tomorrow. 5. Pablo and I are going to watch TV in my house. 6. The baby was born September 9th. 7. You have been speaking Spanish for one year. 8. I have a lot of family in Panama. 9. Science class is easy. 10. They are going for a walk.

Translate into Spanish. Watch your spelling!

11. Ana juega en la playa. 12. Hace viento. 13. Susana tira la pelota. 14. No hay. 15. Yo voy a la biblioteca. 16. Pedro va al parque con sus amigos. 17. ?Cu?ntos a?os tienes? 18. Hay muchos regalos en la fiesta. 19. No es verdad. 20. Yo soy estudiante en un colegio. 21. ?De d?nde es ?l? 22. ?Qu? Hora Es? 23. Tiene que escuchar. 24. Yo vi muchos deportes en la televisi?n. 25. ?Cu?nto es? Extra Credit: ?Cu?nto cuesta? How much does it cost?

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