Spanish 1 final exam speaking questions ms dixon

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Spanish 1 Final Exam Speaking Questions

You will be asked three of the following speaking questions. Each question must be answered in a complete, grammatically correct sentence in order to earn full points. You will only hear each question twice before a response is needed.

1. ?Qu? quieres hacer esta noche? 2. ?Ad?nde vas despu?s de la clase de espa?ol? 3. ?Ad?nde te gusta ir cuando hace buen tiempo? 4. ?Qu? te gusta hacer cuando llueve? 5. ?Cu?les son tus colores favoritos? 6. ?Qu? tienes que hacer hoy? 7. ?C?mo es tu madre o padre? 8. ?Cu?ntos hermanos tienes? 9. ?Cu?l es la fecha de hoy? 10. ?Qu? tiempo hace hoy? 11. ?D?nde vives t?? 12. ?Cu?ntos a?os tienes? 13. ?C?mo est?s? 14. ?C?mo eres? 15. ?Qu? vas a hacer este fin de semana?


1 2 3

5 = Responded accurately in sentence form. No grammatical/vocabulary mistakes.

4 = Responded in sentence form. Some grammatical/vocabulary mistakes present; however, answer is logical in thought.

3 = Response is logical but not in sentence form.

2 = Cannot respond independently. Knows what the question is asking but needs prodding to respond.

1 = Cannot respond independently. Cannot respond with prodding. Only knows what the question is asking.

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