Spanish 1 practice writing prompts

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Practice Writing Prompts

It is a good idea to include more information than asked for in any essay prompt. This is not a collaborative effort. You must work alone without the use of translators or friends.

1. You are writing for the first time to a new pen pal in Argentina. Begin by

introducing yourself. Tell him/her your name, age and where you are from. Describe your town and tell what the weather is like. Tell your pen pal if you like it where you live and why (or why not). Describe yourself in detail using several adjectives to describe your physical appearance and your personality. Also tell your pen pal your likes and dislikes (for example: What do you like to do on the weekends? What interests you at school? What are your hobbies?) * Remember to use the "T?" voice with your pen pal since he/she is your peer. Begin your letter with "Querido(a) amigo(a)", ......

2. Your Hispanic friend has invited you to her "Quincea?era" party. At the party, you meet her family and they ask you to tell them about your family. They don't speak English, so you have to tell them everything in Spanish. You begin by telling them about your family members, giving your relationship to them, their names and ages. You describe your family member's personalities and physical traits. You discuss what their interests are (hobbies, for example) and what they like and don't like to do. Your new Spanish-speaking friends seem fascinated by your life and the people in it. As you leave the party you think to yourself......." I sure am glad I paid attention in Spanish class! I know so much more than I thought I did."

3. You are a counselor at OTMS and you are speaking with a foreign exchange student from Guatemala. Tell the student his/her schedule of classes (horario de clases). Be sure to include the names of the classes (in Spanish) and the times of the classes. Tell him/her who the teachers are for these classes(name at least 3 teachers), and describe what they are like (both physical description and personality). Describe what the classes are like (boring, interesting, fun, easy or difficult) and mention some of the things you have to do in these classes. To help them make their way around school, tell him/ her where 3 places are on campus (for ex: the library, the gym, the cafeteria, the office, etc.) using location vocabulary & the verb ESTAR. Finally tell the student his/her student identification number. Be sure to spell the numbers out. Wish them luck at OTMS (?Buena suerte!).


? Read the chosen prompt TWICE before you begin writing. Formulate your ideas

& organize them first. Make an outline, a Venn diagram, or web to help you do this.

? After you've organized an outline, go back and read the prompt to make sure

you've addressed everything in the prompt. Write about the CONTENT of the prompt.....stay on topic...and do not wander off topic because you can't think of something to say.

? Be sure to use transition words or connectors to join your sentences, or make

them longer. (For ex: porque= besides; para= so that, for, in order to; tambien= also) Use sequence words to describe the order in which you do things. (example: primero= first; luego= then,next; despu?s=later, afterwards)

? Use adjectives to describe people and things. (ex: fant?stico, delicioso, simp?tico) ? Use adverbs of frequency to describe how often you do something. (ex: siempre,

nunca, todos los d?as, a veces)

? Proof read your final writing . Be sure you answer EACH of these questions.

* How is my word choice? Did I use a variety of vocabulary? * How is my punctuation? Do I have all the necessary accents, tildes, & punctuation marks? * How is the agreement in my writing? Do all subjects & verb conjugations agree?

Do all nouns & adjectives agree? Do all articles and nouns agree? * How is my sentence fluency? Do the sentences flow and read easily? Are the

sentences correctly structured? Is the word order (syntax) correct?

I'll check it for you to see that you're on the right track. Buena suerte !

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