Spanish 1 week 9

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DAY 1- Wednesday, August 21:

OBJECTIVE: FIRST DAY Information and Brief Review of Present Tense of Regular AR, ER, and IR Verbs

BELL: 1) Assign seats


1) Pass out course syllabus and expectations and review

2) “Para Conocerte” Information Sheets- (due by Monday, 8/27)

3) Spanish names and name tags

4) Assign textbooks- (students can then use if needed for help with the “Para Conocerte”)

5) Review present tense of regular verbs with notes on overhead

HW: 1) STUDY for a 30 point review quiz on Thursday, 8/23 over the present tense of regular AR, ER, and IR verbs

** For Monday 8/27:

1) Parent signature

2) “Para Conocerte” Information Sheet

3) Cover textbook

4) Binder with 8 labeled dividers

DAY 2- Friday, August 23:

OBJECTIVE: QUIZ/ Review of ALL Present Tense Verbs

BELL: 1) Collect any parent signatures

2) Get name tags out


1) Go over “Para Conocerte” and complete… collect from those students who are ready to turn in and remind others that they will be collected first thing on Monday!

2) Review on board with bellwork and classwork sheets


4) Take short quiz

5) After quiz, students will pick up stem-changing, irregular, and irregular “YO” form notes to review more of the present tense

6) Once all finish quiz, go over notes together on overhead

7) Pass out CVG workbooks and explain page 5 for homework

HW: 1) Finish the “Para Conocerte” for Monday (if you didn’t turn it in already in class today)

2) Start studying for a mini-test on Tuesday, 8/28 over present tense of ALL verbs

** For Monday, 8/27:

1) CVG page 5 with translations

2) Parent signature

3) “Para Conocerte” Information Sheet

4) Cover textbook

5) Binder with 8 labeled dividers

6) All verbs in present tense MINI TEST on Tuesday- start studying over the weekend!

DAY 3- Tuesday, August 27:

OBJECTIVE: Review and Wrap-Up of all Present Tense Verbs: Regular, Stem-Changing, Irregular, and Irregular YO Form

BELL: 1) Collect any parent signatures and all “Para Conocerte” papers

2) Get name tags out

3) Check binders, dividers, and book covers


1) Review worksheet (1-25) while HW gets checked

2) Go over HW in CVG and (1-25) worksheet

3) Pass out review packets and get started together

4) Go over answers on board

5) Assign HW and explain

HW: 1) Finish last 2 pages of verbs review packets

2) STUDY for mini-test on Thursday over the present tense of all regular, irregular, and stem-changing verbs in the present tense- (82 points)

DAY 4- Thursday, August 29:

OBJECTIVE: Wrap-up of Present Tense- All verb types and MINI-TEST/ Formally Introduce Chapter 1/ Chapter 1.1 Vocabulary: Describing people, routines, and activities and Expressing likes and dislikes

BELL: 1) Translations on board


1) Go over BW and drill present tense before test

2) Go over HW

3) Grammar Mini-TEST- Present Tense of all verb types

4) After quiz, students will fill out vocabulary lists and work on CVG pages 1, 2 and 3 with translations

5) Once all students finish grammar test, go over vocabulary list on overhead together

6) Formally introduce Chapter 1 and go over the objectives on pp. 4 and 5

7) Begin activities on pp.8-9 if time permits

HW: 1) CVG pages 1, 2 and 3 with translations

2) Study Vocabulary List A for spelling vocabulary quiz on Thursday, 9/5

3) Finish filling out vocabulary lists if needed

DAY 5- Tuesday, September 3:

OBJECTIVE: Chapter 1.1 Vocabulary Review and Wrap-Up/ Grammar 1.1: REVIEW of Nouns, Adjectives, and Gustar / Chapter 1.1 Grammar: Review of Reflexive Verbs

BELL: 1) Vocabulary Review Worksheet


1) Go over BW and HW in CVG

2) Formally introduce Chapter 1 and go over the objectives if not done already last week

3) Finish activities 1-5 on pages 8-9

4) Go over the culture note on p.8

5) Show video and do activity

6) Pass out the GTW- Grammar Tutor Worksheet that will review nouns, adjectives, and “gustar” and work on in pairs, then go over together

7) Start notes on REFLEXIVES on overhead together

8) Explain sections E, G, and II in the notes packet for homework

HW: 1) Finish REFLEXIVES notes review packet with translations

2) STUDY vocabulary List A for quiz on Thursday at the beginning of class

DAY 6- Thursday, September 5:

OBJECTIVE: Review, Additional Practice and Wrap-Up of Reflexives- Verbs and Pronouns

BELL: 1) Study vocabulary for 1 minute


1) Take quiz

2) After quiz, pick up review worksheet and get started

3) Go over HW and worksheet from after quiz

4) Pass out additional practice notes/ worksheet and go over the notes to part B on the overhead together

5) Practice together a few from part A also

6) Drill with dry erase boards practicing when to conjugate, when to use the infinitive form, when to place the reflexive pronoun in front and when to attach it to the end, etc.

7) Explain HW

HW: 1) Finish the translating sentences on the notes worksheet

2) On the Spanish 1/ Chapter 7 worksheet- finish parts B, C, and D with translations

2) STUDY for reflexives quiz on Monday, 9/9- 45 points

DAY 7- Monday, September 9:

OBJECTIVE: QUIZ on Reflexives/ Chapter 1.2 Vocabulary: Offering help and talking about chores and Talking about plans and places

BELL: 1) Worksheet


1) Go over BW and HW

2) Drill one last time


4) After quiz, students will start CVG page 4 without translations AND fill out the backside of their current vocabulary list by using textbook pages 18-21 and p. 37 at the end of the chapter

5) Go over vocabulary list for pronunciation on overhead together along with List B words for short vocabulary quiz next week

HW: 1) Finish CVG 4 without translations if needed

2) Finish filling out vocabulary list if needed

3) CVG 7 WITH translations

3) Study List B for short spelling vocabulary quiz on Wednesday, 9/11

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