Spanish speaking countries power point project rubric

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Spanish II Project Due: 11/13/13

Mr. Miller

Spanish-Speaking Countries Power Point Project Rubric

|  |1 |2 |3 |4 |

| |Novice |Apprentice |Practitioner |Expert |

|Content/Cri|Includes information on some of |Includes information on all of the|Includes culturally authentic |All of the Practitioner plus |

|teria  |the following: |following: |information on all of the following: |includes a description of |

| |President |President |President |places of interest in the |

| |History |History |History |country and/or major national |

| |Currency |Currency |Economy/Currency |holidays |

| |Location |Location |Location | |

| |Geography |Geography |Geography | |

| |Typical music |Typical music |Typical music | |

| |Typical dishes |Typical dishes |Typical dishes | |

| |Famous artists |Pop./Ethnicities |Pop./Ethnicities | |

| | |Famous artists |Famous artists | |

|Power Point|Presentation includes 3 or less |Presentation includes 4-5 of the |Presentation includes all of the |All of the Practitioner plus: |

| |of the following: |following: |following: |includes music or videos |

| |Title page |Title page |Title page |related to the country |

| |7 content slides |7 content slides |7 content slides |and |

| |Map |Map |Bibliography |entire presentation is written |

| |Bibliography |Bibliography |Map |in Spanish |

| |Pictures related to the title |Pictures related to the title |Pictures related to the title | |

| |At least 3 sentences in Spanish |At least 3 sentences in Spanish |entire presentation is written in | |

| |per slide |per slide |Spanish | |

|Grammar and|Includes more than 10 errors |Includes 6-10 errors related to |Includes no more than 5 errors related |All of Practitioner plus uses |

|Mechanics |related to spelling, verb tense |spelling, verb tense, usage, and |to spelling, verb tense, usage and |figurative language (similes, |

| |usage and adjective agreement |adjective agreement |adjective agreement |metaphors, etc.) and |

| | | | |descriptive words |

|Bibliograph|Includes less than three |Includes at least three different |Includes at least three different |All of Practitioner plus the |

|y |different sources |sources |sources from print and internet |bibliography is written in |

| | | | |proper MLA format |

Spanish II

Mr. Miller

Spanish-speaking Country Project

Given a Spanish-speaking country, each student/group will be required to research and prepare a presentation on that country. You will have the opportunity to present your research by using PowerPoint.

Each report must include the following:

• A detailed map of the country within its continent

• A replication of the flag w/explanation

• No less than 10 pictures illustrating the points in the presentation

• 5-10 minute oral presentation to class

NOTE: The presentation and PowerPoint MUST be in Spanish.

To help you get started, the following outline could be used to both conduct your research AND organize your PowerPoint presentation:

I.                    Forms of government

·        Name of president/dictator/ruling group/political party

II.                 Background

·        History

·        Indigenous groups

·        Famous explorers

·        Languages spoken besides Spanish

III.               Geographical makeup

·        Coasts, mountains, deserts, valleys, etc.

·        Population

IV.              Economy

·        Major imports/exports

·        Agriculture

·        Tourism

·        Monetary system

V.                 Customs and Traditions

·        Religions

·        Major national holidays

·        Typical foods.

VI.      Include interesting, intriguing and/or unusual findings about this country.

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