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Our class is being given the task of increasing interest in travel to some of the Spanish-speaking countries. Your job is to make a presentation that will be informative and interesting to prospective travelers.

Your visual aid should be creative and eye-catching so that you can create excitement about travel to that country.

Project summary:

You will be designing a travel brochure or poster with pictures and information from a Spanish-speaking country. Also you will design a PowerPoint or PREZI presentation for your ORAL REPORT.

Your visual aid must include:

___1. Country name and location (North America, South America, Central America, Caribbean, Europe). Include a map of the country.

____2. The capital and 3 other cities (an image of at least 2 of these cities).

___3. Food: 3 different foods that are typically eaten in your country.

1 sentence describing each food and at least one image on the slide or poster.

____4. Holiday/Festival

A description of a holiday or festival celebrated in your country. Include an image on your presentation or poster.

____5. Government: Include the type of government and the current leader. Include a photo of the current leader.

____6. Flag: Include an image of the flag and describe of the symbolism of the country’s flag (colors, crests, etc)

______7. Three sports or recreational activities enjoyed in your country.

_____8. A famous person from that country. This could be an author, a musician, an artist, a famous historical person, a famous athlete. Include a sentence or two about the person and an image.

____ 9. Include 3 fun facts about your country that are not covered in the required topics.

You will present your visual aid and report to the class. Make sure you have good eye contact, good intonation and fluid speech. Do not just read your information.

Scoring Breakdown:

Visual Aid:

Content: 15 pts.

Images: 15 pts.

Neatness: 10 pts.

Creativity: 10 pts.

Presentation:10 pts.

Total: 60 pts.

Important Dates:

| |Research in the Lab or| | |

|Due dates |Classroom |Final draft Due |Oral presentations |

|Sept. 16- Sept. 21, 2015 |X | | |

|Sept. 21, 2015 | |Blocks: 01/ 02 / 04 | |

|Sept. 18, 2015 | |Blocks: 06 /07 /08 | |

|Sept. 22-24, 2015 | | |Blocks: 06 /07 /08 |

|Sept. 23-25, 2015 | | |Blocks: 01/ 02 / 04 |

Research Outline

I. Country name-

II. Capital-

III. Government:

a. Type

b. Leader

IV. Flag-

a. Symbolism-

V. Money:

a. Name

b. Conversion

VI. Three Important cities or interesting places to visit:

a. Name

i. Location

ii. Short description

b. Name

i. Location

ii. Short description

c. Name

i. Location

ii. Short description

VII. Food

a. Food #1-

i. Description-

b. Food #2-

i. Description-

c. Food #3-

i. Description-

VIII. Holiday/Festival

a. Name-

b. Date-

c. Description-

IX. Sports: Three Popular Sports or Recreation

a. Name-

i. Description

ii. picture

b. Name-

i. Description

ii. picture

c. Name-

i. Description

ii. picture

X. Famous Person

a. Name-

b. Date of birth/death-

c. Why (s)he is famous-

XI. Opinion/ reflection:

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