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THE POWER OF BEING A WOMAN Formerly The Power of Femininity Copyright ? 1999/2004 by Michelle McKinney Hammond Published by Harvest House Publishers Eugene, Oregon 97402

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McKinney Hammond, Michelle, 1957?

The power of being a woman / Michelle McKinney Hammond.

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1. Christian women--Religious life. 2. African American women--Religious life.

3. Women in the Bible--Biography. I. Title.




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To my mother, Norma McKinney, who taught me, by example, to rejoice in being a woman. Not only did you fill my life with all the wonders of femininity, but you gave me the precious gift of sharing my life with many mothers. The women in my family are each extraordinary in their own right. They have reflected the beauty, the grace, and the triumph of the feminine spirit to me, a little girl who watched them all in wonder. I pray that I have become a composite of the best parts of them all. Alexandra Petrona Branker Sarah Ayodele Sam Charity Hammond

Eglantine White Ernesta Forde Marion Arkaah Anna Efua Hammond I love you all.

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To my Harvest House family--thank you for laboring with me. Bob Hawkins, Jr., LaRae Weikert, Barb Gordon, as well as all who work to bring my books to life and make them reach the world. I appreciate you more than words can say.

Nicole--thank you for being there. You are such a great sister. I'm so proud of the

wife and mother you are. I love you so much!

Sheila--keep me straight, girl. Sophia--keep fussing. Ha ha! Stacey--keep telling me the truth.

Nana--keep me focused. Amanda--keep being a calming force. Charlotte, Karen, Michelle, Brenda, Theresa-- keep supporting me and asking the hard questions.

Keep the laughter coming. What women!

You make me celebrate sisterhood all the more!

Jeff Morrow, Bill Trammell, Derek Tripplett, Kevin Whalum, Dwayne Bryant, and Pastor Ghandi--

my precious buds, protectors and confidants. What can I say? Thanks for affirming that being a

for-real woman is a good thing!

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A Note from the Author

1. Woman to Woman 9

2. Back to Basics 17

3. Taking the Lead 51

4. 'Bout Birthin' Babies 83

5. It's a Sister Thing 113

6. How to Build Your House 145

7. The Strength of Vulnerability 175

8. The Power of Influence 209

9. Going over His Head 239

10. An Ounce of Praise 267

11. The Reward of Virtue 303

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