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Photoshop/InDesign Integration Project

Plastic Surgeries R Us

Document Setup

• Create a new document that is landscape format, letter size (File, Page Setup)

• Set page margins to 0.25” on all sides (Layout, Margins and Columns)

• On page 1—(inside of brochure)

o Drag a guide (point to the left ruler bar in the white and just click and drag it out) to 4.75”, 5”, and 5.25” (5” will be the fold of the inside spread)

o Drag a guide to 10.25” (this will be the area from 10.25” to 10.75” that your rotated text flap will be)

• On page 2—(outside front/back cover of brochure)

o Drag a guide to 5.75”, 6”, and 6.25” (6” is the fold)

• Be sure when creating your layout to keep your text boxes and graphics (unless you are doing an intentional bleed) within the boundaries of the guides for the left and right sides of the spread


You are required to sketch a potential layout in the space above. It can be general, but you should attempt to follow it as you work. Think about the concepts we’ve talked about in class (Contrast, Repetition, Alignment, Proximity) and features and try to be unique.

Overview of Project

This is a plastic surgery pamphlet project, so you are going to be the owner (and plastic surgeon, of course) of Plastic Surgeries R Us, a fine establishment that performs plastic surgeries at low cost. You will be expected to create a logo for the cover, write some testimonials from customers, write a short history of your business (have fun with this!), create a table with a price list, and do some instant plastic surgeries on Photoshop to show your work. You must do a “plastic surgery” on two of your friends (or yourself and a friend) and one famous person. You will include before and after shots, so be sure to make them beautiful in the “after” pictures! Use the Photoshop filters to Liquify (distort—pinch/bloat) as needed. Have fun with it, but make it look as real as possible.

Preliminary Work

Before you get too busy on your project, you should do your Photoshop “plastic surgeries.” Use high quality JPGs for your starting photos (high resolution images, so they will look good in your document) and be sure to save the before and after shots. If you are feeling really creative, you can have the person use a different expression for the before and after (you know, they always look depressed in the before pictures!) but the same pose.

You will include a price list for services using the Table feature in InDesign. You must create a text box before you can put a table in the box (then choose Table, Insert Table). Experiment with the feature until you are comfortable enough with it (check out the Table Options menu).

Create a folder for the project and put all your photos in the folder. Then, take the pictures, dump them in the folder, and get moving! ( NOTE: Please turn on Dynamic Spelling (Under Edit, Spelling) to assist you and run spell check in each text box before you turn this in.


|Requirement |Points Possible |Points Deducted |

|Document must be set up properly (see instructions) |10 | |

|Document must be printed in color, two sided duplex, and folded when turned in |10 | |

|Document should be proofed carefully (spelling and grammar—1 pt deduction per error!) |15 | |

|Page 1 flap area contains rotated text (90 degrees) and uses kerning and/or scaling |10 | |

|Page 1 includes information about the business and table with price list and/or description of |10 | |

|services (be creative) | | |

|Page 2 back includes before and after shots and customer testimonials |10 | |

|Page 2 front cover includes logo and is attractive (make me want to pick up the pamphlet); contact |10 | |

|information is included (use school address) | | |

|Use of color/shapes (be sure to think of a consistent color scheme and use that color throughout |10 | |

|with shapes, rules, etc.) | | |

|Use of white space (be careful not to overuse, but do not jam too much in either) |5 | |

|Selection of text (keep in mind rules about font choices) and application of font styles (bold, |5 | |

|italic, etc.) | | |

|Outlined and/or shadowed text used |5 | |

|Quality of Photoshop manipulations (realism) |10 | |

|Overall quality/professionalism (be sure all graphics are high quality) |15 | |

| |125 | |



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