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Udaya Public SchoolWinter Holiday Homework2019-20 English Class :-4th Common :- Collect articles related to any one of the topic given below. Make their collage and decorate it.Climate ChangeGender SensitivityMental HealthHope:- Paste picture of any one famous personality you have heard of and write 10 to 15 line about him.Love:- Make a Book Report of any of the book you read other than your course book. The Report must include the following things-Book cover.Title of the book.Name of the author.Your favorite character from the story.Character sketch.The reason why you liked the book.Use your creativity to make a colourful book report.Unity :- Write 10 name of Collective noun and stick their pictures on an A4 sheet.Zeal :- Design a Book cover and write a quotation on it. – Title – English Magazine.Udaya Public SchoolWinter Holiday Homework2019-20 Hindi Class :-4thCommon:- 10 ??? ????? ??????Hope:- ????? ??? ?? ???? ?? ???? ?? ?? ?????? ?????? ?? ???????? ??????? ?? ??????? ?? ?? ?? ????? ?????? Love:- ??????? ??? - ?????? ??????? ?? ????? ??????? ???? ?? ????? ????? ??? ?? ??????? ?? ???? ???? ??? ?? ??????Unity:- ?????? ???? ??? ?????? ?? ???????? ?? ?? ??????????? ??????Zeal:- ????? ?????? ?????? ?? ???? ?????? ??????? ?? ??? ?????? Udaya Public SchoolWinter Holiday Homework2019-20 Maths Class :-4thCommon:- 1 – Do review worksheet – 4 in more sums exercise book. 2 – Learn table from 2 to 20. Hope:- Make a model related to any of the topic – addition subtraction, multiplication or division.Love:- Make and show symmetry in different shapes with the cardboard.Unity:- Make 3D and 2D shape with the ice cream sticks.Zeal:- Find the area and perimeter of some different shapes and paste those shapes on a chart paper.Udaya Public SchoolWinter Holiday Homework2019-20 Computer Class :-4thCommon:- Draw Microsoft Windows Logo screen on a chart paper.Hope:- Create a beautiful PowerPoint slides on discipline on a chart paper.Love:- Write few lines on the “Importance of Internet in today’s life”.Unity:- Collect the information and pictures of all the versions of Windows and prepare a chart on various versions of Windows with brief information about them.Zeal:- Write all the Mathematical functions in logo with output. Udaya Public SchoolWinter Holiday Homework2019-20 Science Class :-4thCommon:- Collect pictures of 10 animals from old books and magazines. Stick them on an A4 sheet and write below each their mode of respiration.Hope:- When you got up on a cold winter morning, you saw your Dad's car wet, although it had not rained. Explain how?Love:- You can see your breathe, when you blow out air from your mouth on a cold winter day. Explain how?Unity:- Use pictures from old books, magazines and newspapers and make a collage of any one kind of pollution.Zeal:- A frog can live on the land but a Tadpol cannot. Explain why?Udaya Public SchoolWinter Holiday Homework2019-20 Social Studies Class :-4thCommon:- Take a big potato or any other vegetable, cut it in half. With your parent's help, carve a design on each potato half. They are your printing blocks. Put paint on the design and use your printing blocks to print different designs on a white cloth. Hope:- Use pictures from old books, magazines and newspapers. Make a collage of any one historical place of Ayodhya and give a brief description also.Love:- Reuse any old product (waste material) to make a new product.Unity:- Look at packages, foils and bottles of food. Medicines, soap, shampoo etc. Then make a list of the things on which we pay tax.Zeal:- A public place often has a set of rules. These are usually shown on a notice board that tells people what they can or cannot do on that place. You have to make a poster with a list of DO's and DON'Ts and put it up on a chart paper. Then everyone can see it and follow the rules.Udaya Public SchoolWinter Holiday Homework2019-20 General Knowledge Class :-4thCommon:- Write important sanctuaries and national parks with their location.Hope:- Write 20 important dates and days of the current year.Love:- Write 10-10 some human diseases caused by viruses and bacteria.Unity:- Write the name of current chief ministers and governors of 15 different states.Zeal:- Draw a poster – climate change on a chart paper.

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