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Vol. 15, No. 1

Friends of Venerable Henriette Delille

Spring, 2014




Dear Sisters, Ten months ago, my sister

Sarah was diagnosed with fourth stage lung cancer which had metastasized to her brain and spine. You could tell that the doctors were not enthusiastic about her recovery. However, I knew about Henriette Delille and the number of cured cases attributed to her intercession. Therefore, I immediately called Sr. Eva Regina to ask for prayer cards to hand out to my family and friends. We prayed every evening for Sarah's healing.

Praise the Lord, all honor and glory to God! Today, we received great news that Sarah's PET scan did not show any live cancer cells. Her doctor said that her Cancer is in remission.

The family is so thrilled with this news because initially the doctors' diagnosis was so grim and discouraging. It appeared that our sister would not have made it to six months, but Our Lord placed his healing hands on her.

We believe that this is a miracle which we attribute to the intercession of Henriette Delille and we pray that she will soon be declared a saint.


Getting to know Venerable Henriette

We try to give as much information as possible about Venerable Henriette Delille, that is, her life, her virtues, and her reputation of sanctity. Therefore, in this issue we will tell about the places in New Orleans associated with Venerable Henriette Delille which can be visited.

These are the places where Venerable Henriette Delille lived, worshipped and ministered. 1. Venerable Mere Henriette Delille Prayer Room at St. Louis Cathedral This room was the original baptistery. Mere Henriette Delille stood in this room many times to act as god mother to children and adults, men and women, slave and free.

When the baptism font was moved to the front right side of the Cathedral, the room was used for storage. Monsignor Crosby Kern, then Rector and devoted Friend of Delille, asked Archbishop Hughes' permission to convert this room to honor Henriette. It was dedicated June 8, 2008. The stained

In Memory

glass windows


done by



Eva Regina Martin, S.S.F. 12.01.39 ~ 04.07.14 See page 5

2. Bronze Plaque embedded in the sidewalk at the

entrance to St. Anthony Garden on Roy-

al and Orleans Streets. This plaque, de-

signed by Connie Tregre, has Henriette's

picture and her prayer in English, French,

and Spanish on

Venerable Henriette Delille


it. Permission

had to be ob-

tained from the

Vieux Carre

Commission to

establish the

plaque. This was

the alternative to

changing the

name of Orleans

Street to Henriet-

te Delille Street.

3. Not far from

this location is a

plaque, on the

site of 717 Orle-

ans Street which was the Motherhouse of

the Sisters of the Holy Family from 1881-

1955 and the school St. Mary's Academy

from 1881 ? 1964. This plaque recognizes

Mere Henriette as the founder of the Sisters

of the Holy Family.

4. Bronze Plaque on the neutral

ground on Chef Menteur Blvd. In front

of the Sisters of the Holy Family Mother-

house, the plaque briefly tells Henriette's

story. It is hoped that as cars pass by Hen-

riette's name and her face might become

familiar to many more people.

5. Old Ursuline Convent, now the Catholic Cultural Heritage Center, 1100 Chartres Street and St. Mary's Church. This is the oldest building in the Mississippi River Valley. Located in this building is St.


Page 2

Vol. 15, No. 1

Favors granted through Venerable Henriette's

Dear Sister,

On December the 9th I received a phone call from my

brother, the doctors told him that our mom was very

sick and they did not expect her to live past two days.

After falling out, I immediately started praying to Moth-

er Delille for two things, one to allow me to get there

before her passing and two, a healing over her body.

Miracle #1, I was able to get there in record time,

thanks to Southwest Airline. When I arrived at the hos-

pital she was awake and alert. My mom immediately

started thanking God that I was there.

Miracle #2, The doctors and my brother were in the

process of making the arrangements for her to go into

hospice, they, at that time gave her six months tops.

Before hospice care, the homecare team will come in to

compete the necessary forms. A God moment, the pa-

perwork from the doctor was misplaced. So my mom

continued with the homecare team from December to

the current date.

My mom is off homecare, is fussing, driving herself

around town (to the store and back) and doing great.

We know she needs the heart surgery, but with her

other illness (diabetes) and age (84) she is not a candi-

date. Plus she doesn't want the surgery. So we know it's

all in God's Hands.

I want to thank all the Sisters for their prayers and es-

pecially for the intercessory prayers to Mother Henriette


My mom sends her love and appreciation also.


Dear Sister,

I'm writing this as a "thank you." I have been praying

to Henriette Delille to help my cousin, Elvira, who is

losing her eyesight.

She called me tonight to tell me that she has an angel

watching over her. She has just received word that she

has a grant which will cover her medical treatments.


There is no guarantee that it will work, but she's will-

ing to give it a try.

V.K., CO

Read Christina's story of an alleged miracle on Friends of Venerable Henriette Delille's Facebook page. It has been read by very many people since it was posted in early April. A.L.M. LA

Visit Friends of Venerable Henriette Delille on Facebook. Please add your ideas and send comments for others to read.

Remember her prayer: "I believe in God. I hope in God. I love. I want to live and die for God."

Sisters, I'm sending this note to thank Mother Henriette I was struggling with poor vision for the past three years. Cataract surgery didn't help. I prayed through our dear Mere Henriette and my eye doctor used laser on both my eyes. I now see very well again. Thanks for your prayers.

P. F., MO Estoy muy agradecida con Mother Henriette Delille, ya que las veces que le pido ayuda me la ha dado, quiero dejar mi testimonio. Gracias

C. C. M., Mexico City (Translation) I am very grateful to Mother Henriette Delille, since the times that I ask her for help she has given it to me. I want to leave my testimony. Thanks.

Dear Sister,

Soy ferviente admiradora y creyente de La Madre Henriette

Delille. No es la primara vez que recurro a ella y de inmediato

me concede el favor.

En esta ocasi?n estaba en un problema muy complicado de

dinero y sin pedirlo, me ofrecieron un pr?stamo, el cu?l me

saco del problema.

Le agradezco infinitamente que me proteja y me ayude.

Mi familia y yo la veneramos ampliamente. Por supuesto

puede publicarle. Tambi?n doy gracias por sus bendiciones, le

mando saludos.

C. C. M., Mexico City

(Translation) I am a fervent admirer and believer in the Mother Henriette

Delille Cause. It is not the first time that I relied on her and she immediately granted the favor. On this occasion it was a very complicated problem of money and without asking for it, they offered me a loan, which extracted me of the problem. I am grateful to her. She protects me and helps me. My family and I venerate her extensively.

Also I give thanks for their blessings. They send greetings.

Dear Sisters

Enclosed you will find a check for the canonization of

Henriette Delille. I had a health issue with my shoulder and

through saying her prayer, it is much better.

Please add this to her favors' list. I hope all is well with you.

I will keep you in my prayers.

L.W., CA

Many people tell the Sisters about the favors they receive through Venerable Henriette Delille's intercession, but do not write them or fail to give us permission to print. However, we still appreciate hearing the good news.

Vol. 15, No. 1

Page 3

intercession from TX, MO, Mexico City, CA, LA, MS, CO

A Testimony of My Journey with Cancer It started the day after Christmas 2012. I was planning to go to the Mall and suddenly I realized that my back was in such pain I couldn't go anywhere. Therefore, I made an appointment with an orthopedic and after a brief examination he ordered an MRI to be done immediately. When the doctor received the test results there was a peculiar spot on my spine. He called me and said, "Sweetie, it looks like a small cancer cell on your spine, so I want you to see a specialist." On March 6, 2013, my sister took me for an appointment with the spine specialist. As soon as the doctor put the film in the computer, we could easily see the spots. There were, at least, three spots on the backbone, but the bone in the thoracic area had disintegrated into "mush" for the cancer had really affected it. This meant that my skeletal system was in danger of collapsing. If I fell down, I could easily be paralyzed for life. The doctor directed me to be hospitalized immediately, so I could be insulated with a back brace before anything else was done. My sister drove me promptly to the hospital where I remained for nine days. At this point, it was not yet determined where the cancer had originated, so a whole sequence of tests had to be done. In a couple of days after the tests were completed, two doctors came into my hospital room to talk with me. I was informed that I had a three centimeter cancer on my right lung which was in the fourth stage and had mestastasized to the spine and the brain. The scientific terminology is Adenocarcinoma. I could tell from their demeanor and careful usage of words, they were not encouraged about the prognosis of recovery. Immediately they determined that I needed radiation treatments which started before I left the hospital. While undergoing radiation treatments, instead of going home, my sister convinced me to stay at her house, which I did for almost a month. Since I needed to return daily for radiation, it would be easier for everyone if I stayed with her family. My husband could not help due to his codition after three strokes, and all four of my daughters had to work. So, I started my journey in my sister's home where she was familiar with health challenges herself and had overcome breast cancer sixteen years ago. Praise the Lord! After radiation, the doctors knew that I would need longterm chemotherapy, so the next step was to find the appropriate means of treating this type of cancer and something that my body could tolerate. This procedure required a biopsy of the spine to see if I was a good candidate for the chemotherapy pill called Tarceva. Tarceva is a fairly new therapy and not everyone does well on this pill. In my case, the results of the biopsy indicated that I was a good candidate, so the doctors were thrilled. Tarceva therapy started out rough, It wracked my body and I lost a lot of weight; my appetite went up and down, and I

developed blood clots and ended up in intensive care. However, I have not given up on this pill. With the help of my oncologist, I have learned how to manage and how to give my body a break when needed. My last PET scan on January 27, 2014 showed no active cancer cells. In fact, the doctor said that my cancer was in remission. Praise the Lord!

I give God all the Glory because I know His healing hands were placed on me. From the day I was diagnosed with cancer ten months ago, my entire family, friends, relatives, acquaintances, even strangers have been praying for me. My sister, a former Sister of the Holy Family, knew of Mother Henriette Delille, foundress of the congregation, with many cures attributed through her intercession. Therefore, everyone was asked to pray the Prayer for Healing to Mother Henriette Delille every evening. We believe that it was through Mother Henriette's intercession that my cancer is gone. We know that with prayers, faith, hope, and trusting in the Lord, all things are possible. S.G.S., TX

The Sisters of the Holy Family and all who are involved in

the Henriette Delille ministry are grateful and happy that many

more people are able to learn about Henriette through talks

given at many churches and also through the selling of books

about her life and the story of the Sisters of the Holy Family.

Since the last newsletter, Sisters continue going to more

churches to talk about Henriette and to sell her books. Regu-

lars are: Sister Laura Mercier who has visited St. Nicholas

Church in Houston, TX, invited by the Sisters in the Spirit; Our

Lady of Perpetual Help in Kenner, LA, Sacred Heart in Norco,

LA, St. Mary of the Angels, New Orleans, St. Benilde in Me-

tairie, and St. Andrews, Algiers. Sister Laura is usually assisted

by one of the following: Sisters Geneva James, Ann

Michelle Mercier, or Bertrand Neveu.

Sister John Mary Jackson has told Corpus Christi's congre-

gation about Delille and also participated in the Theology on

Tap event at the Fox and Hound Bar and Grill. Accompanying

Sister is the formation group and Sister's band members.

Sister Maria Gonzales has

spoken to two congrega-

tions on the North Shore,

Sacred Heart in LaCombe

and St. Genevieve, her

home parish in Slidell. She

was assisted by Sisters Ge-

neva James and Andria

Donald at Sacred Heart

and Sisters Geneva

James, John Mary, and

Sister Maria at Sacred Heart

the formation group at St. Genevieve.

Page 4


Acknowledgement and thanks go to the following persons who have taken on Venerable Henriette Delille's Cause as a part of their ministries. If I omit someone, let me know for next time. Dr. Virginia Meacham Gould is not only the author

of the latest hard bound book , Henriette Delille, but also co-authored two others. She is a member of the Delille Historical Commission and a good friend to the Sisters of the Holy Family. Dr. Gould addressed the religious of the Archdiocese on Henriette Delille on World Day for Consecrated Life at our Motherhouse February 8, 2014. Dr. Harlan Mark Guidry introduced the Friends of Henriette Delille on Facebook on February 21, 2014. He volunteered to manage it and when you visit you can see that he's doing a great job! Already there are hundreds who have read these pages on Facebook. Mrs. Hope Guidry Groves has and continues to work with the Commission on the alleged miracle for over 15 years. Her contributions are vital and greatly needed.. Mr. Paul Delille considers himself an advocate of Venerable Henriette Delille. He has requested Masses for Henriette's beatification from the following churches in Mississippi: Holy Trinity in Delisle; Our Mother of Mercy in Pass Christian, St. Theresa in Gulfport, St. Rose de Lima in Bay St. Louis, and Holy Family in Pass Christian. In addition, Mr. Delille talks about Henriette on his radio show. He also distributes prayer cards and brochures. Mr. Tommy Roque uses every opportunity to make Venerable Henriette known. He even has a special place for her photograph right outside his office as Superintendent of Catholic Schools in the Alexandria Diocese. Mrs. Elizabeth Malone is an Associate and volunteers to work in the Delille office every week for more than 15 years. She helps to organize and records important documents. Mrs. Carolyn Washington is an Associate volunteer who has worked in the Delille office every week for more than 15 years. She archives, banks, and does tasks as they need to be handled. Mrs. Barbara Duhe', the secretary who cares, who works well, and who is faithful to Mere Henriette. ALL Sisters of the Holy Family: If their prayer and love could do it, Henriette would be a saint. Everyone who has spread devotion to Venerable Henriette Delille by praying, telling others about her, in anyway, you are included in our prayers.

Vol. 15, No. 1


The Sisters of the Holy Family continue to embody the mission of

our Foundress, Henriette Delille who dedicated her life to serving the

elderly, the sick, and the uneducated.

Since 1842, we have willingly and joyfully devoted ourselves to the

ministry of our Lord, Jesus Christ. For many years of our service, we

received a small monthly stipend to cover our basic living expenses.

Now that some of our Sisters are elderly, and are in need of medical

assistance, there is a substantial shortage of funds to take care of


I continue to witness many profound acts of sacrifice and love de-

spite age and infirmity. I grow more concerned, every day, about

our ability to care for our faithful

Sisters in their golden years.

On behalf of the Sisters who have

given a lifetime of service to others, I

humbly request your financial sup-

port. Your contribution will provide

for the day-to-day medical expenses

for doctor visits, prescription medica-

tions, and nursing care that our Sis-

ters now require.

I pray that charity and love will

prevail in your heart. Our elderly

Sisters will be blessed by your assis-

tance. You may send your contribu-

tion to my attention: Sr. Greta Jupi-

Sr. Bertille Hazeur, resides ter, Congregational Leader, SHARE at Lafon Nursing facility. IN THE CARE PROGRAM, 6901

Sr. Regina Amos, S.S.F. Chef Menteur Blvd. NOLA 70126.

provides loving care.

Thank you and God bless.

Walking with the Saints

A symposium on Black Catholics' journey to sainthood was presented by the Institute for Black Catholic Studies at Xavier University of Louisiana. The four candidates accepted by the Church are pictured below. Dr. M. Shawn Copeland, keynote speaker, summarized how these four individuals found ways to retain their faith amid obstacles.

Venerable Pierre Toussaint

Servant of God M. Elizabeth Lange

She explained how saints are holy men or women who first serve God, abide by his rule, live in righteousness and love everyone. All four did that. They held steadfast to their faith amidst slavery and segregation.

The process for canonization, the four stages: Servant of God, Venerable, Blessed, and Saint; the length of time it takes, the cost, the importance of making the person known while promoting devotion to the candidate were explained and discussed. Presentations were given on each of the four candidates. Everyone is called to be a Saint.

Venerable Henriette Delille

Servant of God Fr. Augustus


Vol. 15, No. 1

Page 5

Sister Eva Regina Martin, SSF - a living testimony

Smiling, loving, kind, generous of heart and soul--

sensitive, joyful and jovial--humble, gentle, concerned ?

sweet, genuine, sincere, compassionate--open, considerate

-- responsive to the needs of others, a counselor-- she

pushed to get the best out of you. I loved her. I miss her. She

was a beautiful person, one of a kind.

These are not words that are randomly used or just made-

up. I posed the following questions to ten of my fellow co-

workers, " When you hear the name, Sr. Eva, what's the first

thing that comes to your mind? How would you describe

her? " Repeatedly, those are the words that were shared.

These words had a familiarity to me. As I reflected on

them it became more obvious that these are the Fruits of the

Holy Spirit. These Fruits of the Holy Spirit are observable

behaviors in people who have allowed the grace of the Holy

Spirit to be living and effective in them.

Truly a child of the Holy Spirit, and a real people person,

Sister Eva exuded these qualities. She was a living testimo-

ny of what a Christian is called to be.

I invite you to participate in a home assignment that a pas-

tor once gave his parishioners. "I want you to look up the

Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit and the Twelve Fruits of

the Holy Spirit, we will have a test on next Sunday". We

are praying that some of Sr. Eva's traits will be transmitted to


By Barbara Duhe'

Catholics, Notre Dame Seminary and the Catholic Book Store in New Orleans.

The recipient of numerous awards, one of her more notable ones was the Harriet Tubman Award presented by the National Black Sisters Conference in 2002. .

Sr. Eva was elected to the leadership team of her Community in 2006 and served as General Council, Vicar General and succumbed to death while presiding in office as Congregational Leader.

Sr. Avila Thomas (nee

Mary Sedonia) daughter of the late Henry and Bertha Latiolais Thomas entered eternal life on Sunday, March 30, 2014 at the age of 68 years. One of 14 children Sr. Avila entered the Congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Family in 1962. During her years she served the people of God in many capacities as teacher, business manager, pastoral care administrator, and Director of Religious Education in the cities of Galveston and Houston, Texas and in the Louisiana areas of Marksville, Lafayette, New Orleans and most recently in her home parish in Opelousas. She also taught in Belize, Central America. Sr. Avila was known for the glow of her radiant smile and untiring energy and spirit. She taught us how to accept God's will in dignity and peace.

On February 5, 2014 Sr. Eva Regina Martin (nee Gloria Martin) was hospitalized with cardiac arrhythmia arrest. She died April 7th at Lafon Nursing facility, never having become responsive again. One of nine children, born to Felix and Adeline Charles Martin, Sr. Eva was a native of Grand Coteau. She was a Sister of the Holy Family for 54 years and Congregational Leader for 7 1/2 years.

As a nun, Sr. Eva had been a teacher, catechist and principal for more than 30 years in the United States and Belize. She received a Bachelor's degree in Education from Xavier University of Louisiana, Master's degrees in theology from Xavier and in Education from Incarnate Word University in San Antonio, Texas and a Doctorate in African-American studies from Temple University in Pennsylvania.

As an advocate for all people to grow in the knowledge and history of their faith, Sr. Eva's role of Director of the Institute for Black Catholic Studies at Xavier University enabled her to be that champion and impetus for many who have gone on to become priests, religious and lay leaders in their respective Churches.

Very near and dear to her heart was the Cause for Beatification and Canonization of the foundress of her order, Venerable Henriette Delille. Being a staunch supporter of the Cause, Sr. Eva led a delegation to Rome in 2012 to have an audience with Dr. Ambrosi, the Postulator for the Cause.

Always well respected, Sr. Eva served on many boards including the American Bishops' Advisory Board for Black

Sr. M. Bertrand Neveu

(nee Catherine Marie), daughter of the late Fortunet Neveu and Eva Journet entered eternal life on May 15, 2014. She was 91 years of age. She entered the Congregation September 1942, made first vows in 1945 and perpetual vows in 1950.

Sister served the people of God in Louisiana, Texas, California, and New Orleans. She was untiring. She worked in outreach programs with the homeless, serving in a soup kitchen in New Orleans and Shreveport.

Sister Bertrand loved and enjoyed life, her family, the Mardi Gras season, and the New Orleans Saints. Loved by her family, Sisters , and friends, she will be greatly missed.

from page 1 Mary's

Church. Our history says that Henriette, Juliette, and Marie Jeanne Aliquot often prayed in this Church. It is the church that Henriette made her vows and served as sponsor for baptisms and marriages.

Located here is a "Garden of Saints" dedicated to those who evangelized in New Orleans. A statue of a kneeling Henriette (to distinguish her as in process) is among other saints.

Five more sites will be given in the next edition of Servant of the Poor.

Sisters of the Holy Family Henriette Delille Commission Office 6901 Chef Menteur Blvd. New Orleans, LA 70126-5290

"I believe in God. I hope in God.

I love. I want to live and die

for God."

Venerable Henriette Delille


~ Favors ascribed to Venerable Henriette, pp. 1, 2, 3

~ Testimony of Sister Eva Regina, p. 5 ~ Sites honoring Venerable Henriette, pp. 1 & 4

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I recall a young person being mentioned in the Winter Newsletter by the name of Ernestine "Tina" Carter who is making bracelets of African American Saints to make them known and promote them. Good for Tina.

I'll keep Fr. Philip Landry and Sr. Eva Regina

Martin in my thoughts and prayers asking that their Guardian Angels pray, guide, and protect them and for the prayers and intercession of Venerable Henriette Delille.

Can you please pray for and with me for the following intentions. Asking and praying for the intercession of Venerable Henriette Delille: (A long list follows.)

H.L. Email Again, I enjoyed reading the latest newsletter. So many wonderful events have been happening to promote devotion to Henriette Delille all over. J.A.J., NY

I was struck by the photograph taken in Pittsburgh, PA at the St. Paul Cathedral (p. 3) in which three Black Sisters were honored: Venerable Henriette Delille, Mother Mary Elizabeth

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B.J.C., PA

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