Wa health staff air travel policy

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WA Health Staff Air Travel Policy


MP 0017/16

Title: WA Health Staff Air Travel Policy

Effective: 01 July 2016

1. Background The objectives of this Policy are to:

Provide consistent and standard air travel procurement practices across WA Health that ensure transparency

Streamline and standardise processes and reduce the cost of travel across WA Health Ensure the travel provides benefits to the WA Health system Provide adequate control over, and accountability for, air travel and associated travel

expenditure Ensure adequate public disclosure of the full cost of air travel undertaken by WA Health


2. Scope This WA Health Staff Air Travel Policy (the Policy) applies to all WA Health employees, which incorporates the following entities:

Department of Health (DoH) Health Support Services Child and Adolescent Health Service North Metropolitan Health Service South Metropolitan Health Service East Metropolitan Health Service (from 1 July 2016) WA Country Health Service

This is a system wide Policy and supersedes all polices related to staff air travel in WA Health.

3. Policy statement WA Health has many employees who are specialists in their field and are required to travel as an essential part of their business. While travel is supported as a legitimate means of representation and of accessing professional development, approval for travel is subject to a number of considerations relating to the costs and benefits associated with the travel.

WA Health Staff Air Travel Policy ? June 2016


MP 0017/16

All WA Health staff travel requests are to comply with:

This Policy and other relevant policies including:

Premier's Circular 2014/02 ? Guidelines for Official Air Travel by Government Officers

WA Department of Health Sponsorship Policy (OD 0266/10)

WA Health Managing Conflict of Interest Policy (OD 0264/10) and relevant industrial award/agreement provisions.

The applicable Common Use Agreement (CUA) for air travel reservations and associated services and taking advantage of the most economical travel arrangements and applying the principle of `Best Fare of the Day' when making travel bookings.

No travel, accommodation or registration arrangements should be made until written approval by the delegated authority as per the Approval Delegation Matrix (Attachment 2) has been received.

Employees are covered for insurance purposes while travelling on official business provided the travel has been approved in accordance with this Policy (See section 6 of the Guidelines).

Grievances arising as a result of the application of this Policy will be resolved in accordance with the WA Health Employee Grievance Resolution Policy (OD 0452/13) and Local Grievance Resolution Guidelines.

Premier's Circular 2014/02

The State Government as per the Premier's Circular 2014/02 requires all Departments and Agencies to make every effort to minimise the cost of travel and the number of officers traveling interstate or overseas on official business. As part of this, consideration should be given to whether or not attendance at meetings and conferences outside of the State is necessary. If so, the minimum number if officers should be sent.

The Director General (DG) and Health Service (HS) Chief Executives (CEs) are required to ensure:

The number of Government officers travelling and the frequency of travel is kept to a minimum

That no overseas air travel is to be undertaken by Government officers unless it is demonstrated that such a function could not be undertaken by existing Western Australian Government overseas offices

Any leave that is taken immediately before, during or after any official travel by Government officers must be declared and included in the travel proposal and in the case of overseas travel in the summary report to Parliament. If the leave exceeds four working days in total, then only a one way air fare is to be funded by the Government (WA Health)

WA Health Staff Air Travel Policy ? June 2016


MP 0017/16

Attendance at interstate and overseas conferences and courses is not to be approved unless it is essential to the efficient performance of an officer's functions and required to meet the agency's outcomes. A business case setting out these details should accompany the travel proposal. Teleconferencing, videoconferencing and other advances in communications must be considered where cost effective as an alternative to interstate or overseas air travel

State Government common use arrangements are to be used for travel bookings and travel arrangements should be made in accordance with buyer's guides associated with these arrangements.

WA Health Staff Air Travel Policy ? June 2016


Table of contents

1. Background 2. Scope 3. Policy statement 4. Abbreviations 5. Definitions 6. Roles and responsibilities 7. Compliance 8. Application 9. Exclusions 10. Purpose of travel 11. Approval process 12. Class of travel 13. Funding types

13.1 Self funded travel 13.2 Sponsored travel

13.2.1 Commercial sponsorship 13.2.2 Management of identified conflict of interest and risk 13.2.3 Non-commercial sponsorship 13.2.4 Sponsored travel offered within procurement process 13.2.5 Sponsored travel ? Recording and Reporting 13.3 Special Purpose Accounts (SPA) 13.4 Operational funding 13.5 More than one funding type 14. Attendance at conferences and courses 14.1 Dissemination of knowledge following conference or course 15. Multiple travellers 16. Membership of travel facilities and schemes 17. Monitoring and compliance 18. Evaluation 19. References and related documents 20. Authority

MP 0017/16

1 1 1 5 5 8 8 9 9 9 10 10 11 11 11 12 13 14 14 14 14 15 15 15 16 16 16 16 18 18 20

WA Health Staff Air Travel Policy ? June 2016


MP 0017/16

4. Abbreviations


Health Service

CEO/CE Chief Executive Officer/Chief Executive


Common Use Agreement


Director General


Department of Health


Department of the Premier and Cabinet


Rostered day off


Special Purpose Account


Time off in lieu


Western Australia

WACHS WA Country Health Service

5. Definitions The following definitions apply in the context of this Policy and the accompanying Guidelines.

Health Services `Best Fare of the Day'

Chief Executive Officer/Chief Executive

The term Health Service is used to describe the grouping of health services and hospitals that are operated and managed collectively. They are responsible for the delivery of high quality hospital and health care services to those within their geographical or functional area.

This is the lowest fare that exists in the marketplace at the time of booking and for which a seat is available that meets the business requirements of the traveller with consideration being given to other relevant costs such as accommodation, taxi fares and waiting time. Travellers are not expected to travel in circumstances where there are unacceptable safety or security concerns.

This refers to the Chief Executive Officer of the Department of Health (known as Director General) or the Chief Executive Officer or Chief Executive of a Health Service.

WA Health Staff Air Travel Policy ? June 2016


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