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Spiral Review #1 – Due Monday, Sept. 10th Name _________________Put your final answer in the box. All work must be shown neatly on a separate piece of paper!1Damon has 4 times as many stamps as Julia. Julia has 4 times as many stamps as Claire. Claire has 4 stamps. Write the number of stamps Damon has in both exponential form and standard form.2The prime factorization of a number is 32 ? 5 ? 11. What is the number?3A jewelry designer is making identical bracelets. She has 21 blue beads and 14 red beads. What is the greatest number of bracelets she can make using all of the beads?4Jasmine is helping her father plant trees. Jasmine plants a tree every 25 minutes, and her father plants a tree every 15 minutes. If they started together, how long before they would finish planting a tree at the same time?5The two smallest countries in the world are Vatican City and Monaco. Vatican City is 1.37 square kilometers smaller than Monaco, which is 1.81 square kilometers in area. What is the area of Vatican City?6Jenny can type at a speed of 80 words per minute. It took her 20 minutes to type a report. How many words was the report?7A florist is preparing identical flower baskets for a banquet. He has 72 tulips and 60 roses. What is the greatest number of flower baskets he can prepare using all of the tulips and roses?8Chris has 55 baseball trading cards. He has 17 more cards than his sister Sara. How many trading cards does Sara have?Keeping Skills Sharp – NO CALCULATOR… even to check 9d – 1,048 = 2,34015A rectangular is 27.8m by 34.2m. What is its perimeter?104.04 × 0.89163 + 23 - 511LCM of 12 & 1617Nearest hundred to 2,36112Estimate:46.8 – 32.971845% of 721319Write an expression for:A number increased by 1.6142 years = ? days205 hours = ? minutes39370647065Week by Week # 1 – due Friday, July 29th

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