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Week 1 Homework

Section 1 Homework

Log into and get familiar with where everything is. Start using it! Block out TIME on your schedule for

Weekly training (2 hours) Weekly Q/A (2 hours) Weekly homework (2-3 hours) Extra Credit (up to an additional 10+ hours)W (2 hours) Q/A (2 hours) Verify you have access to: REIMatcher, Big Dog Training, Business Launcher, etc. If anything does not work, call for help

Section 2 Homework

Select 3 names for your seller, investor, and buyer brands Give yourself 45 minutes per name... you can change it later (if you get a better name), but we gotta move fast!

Buy the URLs , or other (~$13/ea)

Set up an LLC ($45 + filing fees)

Section 3 Homework

Complete Business Launcher profile form (ASAP) Explore Google Docs Optional: Explore Google Voice

Section 4 Homework

Identify 10 prospects for joining your marketing co-op (and buyer's list) Review (and practice) the 2-call telephone script (develop your own version) Call your 10 prospects!

See if you can get some of them signed up!




Note: Next week/module we start marketing for the co-op Base Camp 1 - The Lead Broker Business

Extra Credit

Set up your social media: Facebook, LinkedIN, Google+ Add your investors to your social networks

Go through the RE-Volution Training It's about 20 hours, total


FOCUS! Block out time (in day timer) for this expedition Avoid time traps: social media cruising, email, TV...


Your Accountability Concierge, (Nancy, Brittney, Chris, etc.) will be checking up on you... Please have your homework completed before next week!


Week 1 Resources

Telephone Script 1

? Ring, ring ? PG: Hello, this is Phill ? Investor: Hi Phill, my name is {John Smith} and I'm calling you because I'm part of a network

of investors that has access to local wholesale properties as well as non-MLS bank owned inventory. We are looking to sell these to local real estate investors. I found you {online} and you look pretty active. Are you looking for good deals on wholesale properties? ? PG: Sure, send them over. ? Investor: Can we add you to our buyer's list, and email you deals when we get them? ? PG: No problem! ? Investor: Great! What sort of deals are you looking for, and where?




? PG: Central Austin. Pretty much anything 70% of ARV minus repairs.

? Investor: Let me get your name, number, and email and I'll start sending you anything we find that I think you might be interested in.

? PG: OK, Thanks.

? Investor: By the way, can you tell me about your business model in general?

? PG: We flip about 50 properties/year - some wholesale and some fix and flip

? Investor: I'm also working on building my own network and looking for ways to add value. Is there anything else you need, or any other way I can help you with your business

? PG: Hard to say... I'm just always looking for good deals, like most people

? Investor: (Note: Only say this if they ask what else you do:) We have a lead service to help investors that are looking for motivated seller leads...

? Investor: One last question, are there any REIA or Meet-up Groups you belong to? I'd love to meet you in person?

? PG: Yes...

Telephone Script 2

? Investor: I was thinking about our conversation {yesterday} and said you were looking for {"wholesale deals in the Austin area"} (regurgitate exactly what they told you) and I was thinking about something that might be interesting to you. It occurred to me that you might also be looking for motivated seller leads. Many of the investors in our Network are using our lead service that generates motivated seller leads. Are you looking for motivated seller leads?

? PG: Yes, sounds interesting. How do you get these leads?

? Investor: These are motivated seller leads generated from a variety of sources including yellow letter, direct mail marketing, some proprietary national online lead networks, and using some proprietary list sources including divorce, probate, and bankruptcy lists. These are mostly exclusive leads that are randomly distributed to the investor subscribers - members of our marketing co-op - who pay a flat rate of {$50/lead}. There's no minimum or maximum commitment. Just tell me how many leads you want per month you want and you pay by the lead. You can cancel or adjust your service at any time. This will bring you more leads and deals and more money without having to do the marketing yourself.

? PG: Hummm... Yes, I do need motivated seller leads, but I've got a few questions and concerns...

! !


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