Week one week two week three getting started vacant

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21-Day Certification

Training Overview

Day 1

Training Overview Week 1 Overview Getting Started Guide Reserve Your Domain "How to Stage" Video

Day 8

Week 2 Overview A-Z Vacant Staging Guide & How-To Creating Curb Appeal,

Extra Spaces

Day 15

Week 3 Overview All About Redesign Marketing Redesign Comprehensive Color


Week One

Getting Started and Establishing

Your Business Foundation

Week Two

Vacant Staging, Branding and Marketing Your


Week Three

Putting It All Together with

Advanced Expertise

Day 2

Industry Overview Successful

Consultations Elements of Great Staging & Design

Day 9

First 50 Marketing 5-Step Marketing Plan

Step 1 - Research Target Markets Living, Family, Great


Day 16

Realtor Partnerships Alternative Income

Shop Like a Pro Window Covering


Week One

Day 3

HSR Guide to Pricing & Process Success Client Action Plans Listening to the Home's Style

Week Two Day 10

Step2-Representation Branding/Marketing Websites that WORC

Perfect Portfolios The Heart of the


Week Three

Day 17

Model Home Staging Vision Boards

Window Coverings Feng Shui & Staging

Day 4

Art of a Walk & Talk "Quick Start" Your

Business Staging Day Details Secrets to "Guiding

the Eye"

Day 11

Step 3-Credibility Connecting

Google, FB Ads, SEO, Blog Connect

Sanctuary Spaces

Day 18

Holiday Design Adding Organization Staging Day Videos New Home Trends & Model Home Photos

Day 5

Valuable Vendors, Open House Assess

Week One Quiz Forms Library

The Art of Arrangement

Day 12

Step 4&5 - Intentional Marketing &

Capitalizing on a Job Well Done!

Designing Bedrooms & Offices

Day 19

Downloadable Logos HSR Certification Test

Start Marketing!

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