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Positioning Statement

What is a Positioning Statement and how should I use it?

A Positioning Statement is your “15 second commercial” that describes in a nut shell your professional identity, strengths, industries you’ve served and how you can contribute to your employer. You should memorize this statement so it comes naturally when people ask “Tell me About Yourself” or “What are you looking for.” Use the statement at networking events, with neighbors, friends, former colleagues, informational interviews, etc.

Your Positioning Statement should include:

1. Your professional identity and level (i.e., “Director-level Human Resource Professional)

2. Number of years of experience (15+ years)

3. Industries or functions in which you have expertise

4. Specific strengths you offer (i.e. leadership, problem-solving, team building, etc.)

5. Accomplishments of which you are most proud

6. What you seek in a new position


I am a (provide professional “tag” or identifier, and also indicate your level)

__________________________ with _________ years experience in (indicate industries and/or functions) ______________________________________________. I have specific expertise in (indicate roles or functions, detailed skills, etc. if applicable) ____________________________


My strengths include __________________, ______________ and ___________________.

I am seeking an opportunity (describe the type of position or role you are seeking – not the title – as precisely as you can, along with what/how you can contribute) _____________________


Craft your own Positioning Statement:

Used by permission of Ford R. Myers, author of “Get The Job You Want, Even When No One’s Hiring,” published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. For more information, visit: and .

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