Welcome to the best internet experience

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Welcome to the best Internet experience!

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We are pleased to welcome you to the Batelco family and hope you enjoy the unmatched experience of our Super Fast Batelco Internet. As a leading and most digitally advanced network in the kingdom, we pride ourselves on continuously bringing you the latest in digital technology to upgrade your world. With Batelco Super Fast Internet you will enjoy: ? Reliable and fast Internet connection that is designed perfectly

for HD video streaming, Home security, TV, HD gaming and any connection that requires high bandwidth. ? Ideal for multi device connection for the whole family to be connected all the same time ? High threshold with unlimited browsing even after consuming the allocated threshold ? Free access to Bahrain WiFi network available all around the kingdom

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Before our visit

The table below outlines the required items to successfully install your Batelco Internet as well as the items that Batelco will be providing you with to benefit from the best Internet experience in the Kingdom.

Batelco Responsibility



Responsibility Services Charges*

Main Cable


Internet Duct/Pipe

Main Socket

Batelco Router

WiFi Booster


BD 40** BD 40

Extra Point

*Available at extra cost upon customer request **Chargeable if Batelco router is damaged by the customer

BD 20

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What will impact my wireless connection speed?

Wi-Fi AP

Batelco Router

Ground Floor

Wi-Fi AP

We'll make sure you get the best connection for your access point and fibre router. However, there are a few things that may affect your internet experience:

? Location of the main router.

? The WiFi speed that your connected device can support.

? The number of WiFi connected devices.

? Automatic updates or software running in the background. 4 |

When we ring the bell

On the day of installation, our team will arrive to install the wiring and equipment necessary to connect your fibre line.

Prior to installation day, please clear the area to your preferred location for installation of the first point. It is recommended to be located in a centralized open area to ensure optimum WiFi coverage.

Our technician will install the WiFi enabled Customer Premises Equipment, which connects your home to our fibre network.

If you've subscribed to our amazing Batelco TV, our technician will install your set-top-box and connect it to your TV.

Before we leave, we will test the internet service and run a demo of Batelco TV (if applicable). Please do not hesitate to ask for any help from our technician.

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Strong WiFi, anywhere at home

Batelco's customised WiFi solutions turn any premise into a strong WiFi zone. Call us and we'll send our engineers to help you get a strong WiFi signal anywhere at home. For more information, call 196 or visit the nearest retail shop. 6 |

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