Welcome to the maine state library s third tutorial in the

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Welcome to the Maine State Library's third tutorial in the Exploring MARVEL! series. In this module, we'll explore ways to find information using the online resources available in MARVEL.

Log in using either your library card number or your account.

Here we are at MARVEL!'s home screen. You have several options for finding information here. One method is to use the subject breakdown on the left side of the screen. Clicking on one of these broad subject areas takes you to a selection of the databases that contain information in that area. For example, if we click on Health....

These are the databases containing information on health topics. Because MARVEL! is a resource for all education levels, from kindergarten through college and beyond, there are many specialized databases included in the selections. The trick for you is identifying one or two that will be most helpful. One way to do that is to click on the About link next to each database's title. The description will tell you a little about the kind of information in each database and also something about the intended audience. You can sometimes get an idea of the intended audience from the database title. For example, Health Source ? Consumer Edition lets you know that the information contained is written for the consumer not for medical professionals. Once you've decided what database to use, just click on the database title and you'll go to a screen where you can type in what you're looking for. Other tutorials in this series will cover in more depth using specific databases to find information.

Another way to find information is to use the search box which allows you search all the resources available in MARVEL! at once as well as MaineCat, the statewide library catalog. It's kind of like Google for our Marvel resources. And, like Google, you'll get a lot of results that you'll then have to evaluate. Just type in your keywords and select the Search button.

You can also choose to search an individual database just by clicking on the title. We'll explore some of the individual databases in other tutorials.

There are 3 options for limiting the number of results you get back from a keyword search. You can choose to search for only Full Text articles which means you can download, print or email the entire article from a magazine. This feature is labeled 1 in the screen shot. You can also limit your search to scholarly articles or books which are more academic in nature than popular magazines. This is labeled 2 above. The Advanced Search option, labeled 3, allows you to search for a specific journal title, dates and languages.

The next tutorials in the series will explore individual resources in more depth including the kinds of information you'll find, more in-depth searching techniques, and saving, printing or emailing what you find.

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