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Winthrop University Department of Athletics Student-Athlete Handbook


Letter from the Director of Athletics

I. Department of Athletics a. Mission Statement b. Philosophy c. Control and Gender Equity d. Athletic Code of Conduct e. Coach and Player Decorum

II. Membership and Oversight a. National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA) b. Big South Conference (BSC) c. Faculty Advisory Committee on Intercollegiate Athletics (FACIA) d. Faculty Athletic Representative (FAR) e. Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) f. Grievance Procedure

III. NCAA Compliance and Institutional Policy Standards a. Annual Compliance Meeting b. Extra Benefits c. Representatives of Athletics Interests (Boosters) ? Eagle Club d. Sports Wagering Activities Policy e. Hazing Policy f. Athletically Related Activities Limitation Policy i. Countable Athletically Related Activities ii. "Voluntary" Athletically Related Activities iii. In-Season Hour Limitations ? During Academic Year iv. Out-of-Season Hour Limitations ? During Academic Year v. Out-of-Season Summer Practice vi. Summer League Basketball Participation g. Transfer and Permission to Contact Policy h. NCAA Violations Reporting Policy

IV. Athletics Academic Eligibility & Services a. Winthrop University Academic Regulations b. Class Attendance and Team Travel c. Registration and Course Selection d. Schedule and Degree Changes e. Grading f. Academic Honors g. Academic Probation h. NCAA Continuing Eligibility i. Athletic Academic Services j. Study Hall

Student-Athlete Handbook


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k. Study Hall Policies and Aces Forms l. Tutoring Services m. Tutoring Policies n. Progress Reports o. Academic Mentoring p. Academic Resources for Check Out q. Athletic Banquet

V. CHAMPS Life Skills Program a. Mission b. CHAMPS/Life Skills Commitment Statements

VI. Financial Aid a. Athletic Financial Aid b. Financial Aid Renewals/Non-Renewals c. Reduction or Cancellation of Financial Aid during Award d. Textbooks e. Summer School Financial Aid f. Employment g. NCAA Student Assistance Fund h. Non-covered Expenses i. Student Athlete Housing Policy

VII. Athletic Training Room a. Athletic Training Room Rules b. Policies and Procedures c. Participation without Authorization d. Equipment e. Injury Evaluation and Treatment f. Referrals g. Outside Consultation h. Dental Injuries i. Corrective Lenses j. Orthosis k. Termination of Participation l. Medical Forms m. Medical Payment Policy n. Athletic Insurance Form o. Falsifying Information p. Drug Awareness Program i. Substance Abuse Program ii. Drug Statement iii. Banned Drugs iv. Alcohol Beverage Statement

Student-Athlete Handbook

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Dear Student:

The coaches and staff of the Department of Athletics would like to extend a very warm welcome to each student-athlete at Winthrop. Because of your scholastic and athletic accomplishments, you have become a member of a very special family among Winthrop's community of learners.

Winthrop is one of the most rewarding places that you could have chosen to spend your college years. The administration and athletic staff are committed to offering the best possible opportunities for your personal growth, education and athletic achievement.

Winthrop's athletic program emphasizes the student first and foremost. Your coach will encourage your academic success and will accommodate you in your efforts to balance your needs. You will see our strong commitment to student-athletes in the resources we provide and the standards we uphold.

The next step to success is yours. As Director of Athletics, I hope you will take full advantage of the excellent opportunity provided to you at Winthrop University.


Thomas N. Hickman Director of Athletics

Student-Athlete Handbook

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The objective of the Department of Athletics is to reflect and support the mission of Winthrop University through intercollegiate athletics. Winthrop Athletics is committed to operating a program that meets the recognized standards of excellence set forth by NCAA Division I and is dedicated to the recruitment of academically able, diverse and socially responsible studentathletes. As intercollegiate athletics is recognized as part of the physical, cultural and social development of the Winthrop student, Winthrop Athletics shares a common value and purpose with the University by providing an environment that demonstrates and nurtures integrity, pride, diversity and leadership. Winthrop Athletics contributes to the community of learners at Winthrop University and demonstrates its mission in the following ways:

Winthrop Athletics is committed to academic integrity and demonstrates the prioritization of academics above athletics through recruitment and scheduling for student-athletes and involvement of faculty.

Winthrop Athletics supports ethical coaching standards, as demonstrated through staff education, recruiting policies, and monitoring of activities.

Winthrop Athletics is committed to institutional control by direct accountability to the Chief Executive Officer, implementation of campus-wide compliance procedures, and annual staff education meetings.

Winthrop Athletics is committed to student-athlete welfare through sponsorship of the Student-Athlete Advisory Council, wellness and education programs and the CHAMPS/Life Skills program.

Winthrop Athletics is committed to financial integrity through adherence to universitywide business and finance procedures as well as NCAA and state audits.

Winthrop Athletics supports an environment of equity and diversity in which all students and staff are provided the support and resources necessary for success.


The philosophy of Winthrop Athletics is to establish a program in which the institutional focus of Winthrop University is maintained, as well as the standards of amateurism and fair play as set forth by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).

Winthrop Athletics is committed to an environment that emphasizes the total education of student-athletes, and sustains its commitment through special programs to enhance the physical well-being, emotional growth and academic success of student-athletes.

PRINCIPLE OF INSTITUTIONAL CONTROL Winthrop University assumes responsibility for the control of its intercollegiate athletics

Student-Athlete Handbook

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program in compliance with the policies of the Winthrop University Board of Trustees and the NCAA. The President of Winthrop University (Chief Executive Officer) is aware of and responsible for all aspects of the promotion and administration of the intercollegiate athletics program and provides for institutional control of those areas. PRINCIPLE OF GENDER EQUITY AND EQUAL OPPORTUNITY

Winthrop Athletics is committed to equality of opportunity, resources and services to both men's and women's sports programs and to student-athletes of all racial and cultural backgrounds. Winthrop Athletics supports the principles of Title IX and gender equity, and encourages diversity among staff and student-athletes.


Being away from home and part of a diverse campus community allows student-athletes greater freedom to make decisions and pursue personal interests. As members of an intercollegiate athletic team student-athletes will also be a very visible part of the community. With that freedom and visibility comes responsibility. Student-athletes representing Winthrop University must manage their lifestyles in ways that set good examples of moral and ethical conduct. As a representative of a team and of the university, a student-athlete's actions reflect, not only on the individual, but also, on the individual's teammates, Winthrop Athletics, and Winthrop University All student-athletes are responsible for meeting the following obligations:

1. ACADEMIC ? Student-athletes are expected to attend class, complete assignments on time and work diligently toward a degree. They are expected to meet all academic requirements of Winthrop University, Winthrop Athletics, the Big South Conference and the NCAA.

2. ATHLETIC ? Student-athletes are expected to participate in, and be on time to, practices, training, team meals and meetings. They are expected to comply with all team policies as set forth by their coach and Winthrop Athletics.

3. ETHICAL ? Student-athletes are expected to abide by team conduct rules as well as the rules and regulations of Winthrop University. They are also expected to uphold the sportsmanship and integrity of the NCAA.

In addition to these responsibilities, student-athletes representing Winthrop Athletics are expected to abide by the following Code of Conduct. Student-athletes must:

Conduct his or herself in a manner that shows impeccable sportsmanship toward fellow student-athletes and property.

Never be a willing participant in any act of aggression toward a fellow student-athlete or athletic property.

Not use foul language. Demonstrate respect through words and actions toward coaches, referees, media, fans and

other players. Give the sport his or her best effort, showing determination to improve his or her

Student-Athlete Handbook

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