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Economic Impacts ? 2011

Wood County Airport

Mineola/Quitman, TX

Wood County Airport ? Mineola/Quitman, TX

Wood County Airport serves as a primary development tool for business in the region. The airport's recently completed terminal building houses the Wood County Industrial Commission and offers an appealing place to conduct business and greet visitors. The 24-hour facility helps to better serve travelers visiting the region. Transportation to and from the airport has also improved as the City of Mineola donated two retired police cruisers for airport visitor use, which increase access to the neighboring towns and even Amtrak rail services.

The airport has seen a steady increase in medical evacuation services to regional hospitals.

Mineola is located east of Dallas.

Runway: 18/36 - 4,001 ft. x 60 ft.

Customers, tourists, medical transport personnel, and business travelers are impressed with the quality of the new terminal, and many have expressed interest in relocations or return visits.

-- John Wisdom, Airport Manager

2010 Economic Impacts



Economic Activity

$ 317,878

Salary, Wages, and Benefits

$ 126,332



Sources: Survey responses, IMPLAN, and Authors' estimates

n Capital Expenditures for infrastructure and other airport improvements from 2006-2010 generated $2.2 million in economic activity that created 23 job-years of employment. (A job-year equals one job lasting one year.)

n Events - such as the Airport Appreciation Luncheon and the Annual Open House - draw the general public and business leaders to the airport.

General Aviation

Impacts on Texas

The general aviation system in Texas provides important infrastructure that promotes both regional economic development and community recreational opportunities. The system's airports also generate economic activity through capital and operations expenditures, business activities of airport tenants, and spending by visitors using airport facilities. This analysis examined the economic impacts of the facilities that are part of the Texas Airport System Plan (TASP). In total, the state's general aviation airports and general aviation activities at commercial airports create:

Economic Activity $14.6 billion

Salary, Wages, and Benefits $3.1 billion

Employment 56,635 permanent jobs

Airport Statistics

FAA Identifier ? JDD Latitude / Longitude

32-44-31.9300N / 095-29-47.3100W Elevation ? 434 ft. Location

5 miles north of central Mineola, TX

Texas Department of Transportation

Texas Department of Transportation Aviation Division business/aviation 1-800-68-PILOT 125 E. Eleventh Street Austin, TX 78701-2483

Prepared by:

Center for Economic Development and Research Department of Economics Denton, TX

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