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Design and makeA Happy Spring or Happy Easter cardFor a family member, neighbour or friend.Build yourself a reading den or book nook using old curtains, cushions, pillows….Create a model of a Spring garden using junk modelling.Build a model of an Easter chick, bunny or your favourite animal using lego or whatever building materials you have.Make up some dance moves to your favourite song.Encourage your family to join in with your dance.Write a Spring Poem.Get moving with JoeWicks.Design a personalised bookmark.Design a playpark, water park or safari park and make a model of the park.Make a special holiday snack to share with your family – nest cakes,Egg shaped sandwiches…Send coded messagesUsing the code a=1 Bb=2 c=3…..Write messages to friends and family using only numbers.Try an act of Kindness.Think of 5 ways to help your family members.Create a board game to be played by your family, (Use old packaging boxes to make the board and items needed for the game). Set yourself a reading challenge to take time to look at books, read quietly, independently, for 10 mins a day.Have an inside picnicLunch.(Set out picnic blanket, make a picnic lunch and enjoy eating on the floor with family or your favourite toys.)Make an Easter basket for collecting eggs in.Write a new story for your favourite storybook character.Set it out as a book or as a cartoon script.(Blank cartoon strips available on Twinkl)Design and make an Easter bonnet.Get moving withJust Dance.Choose your favourite songs.)Make a Spring, Easter, or holiday word search.Take time for relaxation.Listen and breath to some calming music or sounds. (You tube, relaxing Disney, rainforest sounds..)Try some mindfulness colouring.Learn a new skill from a family member – sewing, mending, cooking, painting….Personal ProjectFind out more about one of your favourite animals, places, peoples of the past, vehicles. Make a book of key facts and illustrate.Twinkl IdeasEaster SymmetryComplete the pictures.Easter Egg colouring.Twinkl.co.ukEaster Multiplication Mosaics and code breakers.Twinkl.co.ukMindfulness colouring sheets.Spring word searches.Twinkl.co.ukEaster Maths worksheets.Easter Data Handling.Twinkl.co.ukChick and Bunny card models to fold and assemble.Twinkl.co.ukFive senses scavenger hunt.Take a look fat Twinkl Easter for more ideas to choose and select.

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