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MoldWorks Product Overview

Product Information Product Information

ElectrodeWorks Product Overview

MoldWorks Product Overview

ElectrodeWorks? the foremost electrode creation solution within SOLIDWORKS?

oldWorks Product Overview ElectrodeWorks allows you to create ElectrodeWorks automates all aspects of extraction, design, management,

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documentation and manufacturing of EDM electrodes. Fully integrated into the

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oldWorks Product Overview FEATURES

yet easy to use user interface; the electrode manufacturing and EDM positioning drawings, and the machining files are created automatically.

Automatic electrode sizing and

positioning according to face selection. Exact surface option allowing the

electrode to span non-connected areas

w/o holes, including hole closing. Advanced clearance functionality. Modification through specific electrode

feature tree. Geometric Spark and Pattern gap. Simulation of electrode movement. Copy electrode by feature recognition. Instant setup & burn sheet drawings. EDM technology definition and output.

Choose the holder and electrode blank shape from the standard, user extendable parametric shape library through the Add Electrode environment and select the burn faces. The electrode is automatically placed and sized according to customizable factory setup parameters. An exact face option allows electrodes to span disjointed areas w/o holes (automatic hole closure on request), avoiding the need for clearance operations. Parameter and Position dialogues allow you to fine tune the electrode positioning and orientation. On validation the electrode is then cut, showing clearly the burn faces.

Add Clearance enables you to create tangent, normal and draft offsets at the electrode/part interface through integrated solid trim functionality, powered by our ease of use dialogue system.

Spark & Pattern gap can be created on the geometry to create an exact replica of the electrode.

Animate the electrode movement to check for interference.

Copy the electrode automatically to the same or similar features on the part in preview and allow the user to select or de-select the electrode positions.

Drawings are instantaneous and complete including sheets for electrode manufacturing and EDM burn process.

Technology is defined through a dedicated dialogue which defines material and allows you to scroll through the built in surface finish standards according to E, Rmax and Ra.

Process setup of the rough to finish spark gaps and the pattern method and definition are defined through the same dialogue, as well as safety z-level penetration. The exact burn area is also calculated.

Manufacturing information including the zero point for machine positioning and orientation as well as the previously defined technology is managed and stored within the electrode as an EXCEL report.

ElectrodeWorks /Technical Specifications

SINGLE ENGINEERING MODEL FOR ADVANCED CORE/CAVITY DESIGN DEVELOMENT Based on SOLIDWORKS tools. Seamless ensemble to perform modeling, detailing, and core/cavity development. Desktop integrated solution without external file translation. Integration takes place quickly and efficiently in a tight loop.

PARAMETRIC HOLDER LIBRARY Includes standard elements from Erowa and 3R library. Integrates any user created SOLIDWORKS parametric shapes, automatically displaying

parameters in electrode dialogue box.

ELECTRODEWORKS FUNCTIONALITY Creation Automatic positioning and sizing according to burn geometry. Exact surface option spanning disjointed areas w/o holes. Fine tune positioning and manual shape parameter

adjustment. Automatic surface extraction and electrode creation. Clearance Solid offset of electrode/part interface through special

dialogue including, tangent, normal and draft trimming. Modification RHM button modifications and manipulations through a

dedicated ElectrodeWorks property manager tree. Geometric Gap Creation Creation of spark and pattern gap on the actual electrode. Electrode Copy Analysis of electrode burn faces to automatically find all

similar topological areas. Automatic preview and (de)selection of all possible

electrode positions. Technology Material selection. Surface finish definition. Pattern method definition. Rough and finish spark gap series definition. Safety z-level definition for each spark gap series. Storage of technology as part properties. Drafting Electrode manufacturing drawings. EDM burn sheet drawings include position coordinates

relative to inserts. Output Excel report file containing EDM technology information,

and burn positioning either per electrode or for all the electrodes in a project. EDM pre-processor data for different EDM machines.

R&B Headquarters

Toll Free: 1-800-8443589 Phone: +972-3-9233522 Fax: +972-3-9233088 Email:

System requirements

Microsoft Windows Windows7/10 - 64 bit. 16 GB RAM or greater recommended. Prerequisites: SOLIDWORKS.

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